Experience the Love of Christ

Feel the love of Jesus, His total acceptance, without judgment, guilt, shame or condemnation.

It is when you feel loved that you are truly transformed.

It is when you enter the bliss of His presence, the ecstasy of His embrace, the tenderness of His kiss, that you are truly raptured.

In Scottsdale, Arizona

After graduating from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe and obtaining my license as a Massage Therapist in January 2021, I would like to offer a sacred space where people can come to receive:

Healing Massage (energetic touch) and Holy Reiki (laying on of hands), combined with praying in the Spirit and soothing music to heal, strengthen and nurture the body, soul and spirit in an integrated, interactive, customized approach where both client and therapist actively seek the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to direct the session.

We are all unique and sometimes a combination of many different things may generate, activate and produce healing.

These modalities can be expressed in many ways:

Aromatherapy, Sound vibration (whether through instruments, voice or music), Light Frequency Reflexology, Myotherapy, Myofascial Energetic Massage, Cranial Unwinding, Polarity, Energy Work.

God is energy.

Everything He creates is teaming with energy.

We are energetic beings.
Health and vitality are generated when energy moves through all the open gates of our body unhindered.
Pain, disease, stress, trauma and death result when gates are closed and energy is blocked.
Energy medicine can help restore and open the gates.

We are a three part being: spirit, soul and body.

Therefore healing may be needed in layers: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Sometimes healing takes time. Sometimes healing is a process. Sometimes it's a journey.

There are many reasons why people struggle to find healing.

Maybe the root cause is something nobody can see or is aware of.

Maybe it's not as cut and dried, and black and white, as people think it is.

Maybe there is a process of learning and discovery that is necessary.

Maybe the journey towards healing is what's important not the end result.

I am willing to take the time to work with you to seek the Lord for healing.

Jesus showed me that one of the ways we transfer His manifest tangible love through our hands is when we heal others through touch.

Receive His healing touch today!


60 minute session $60
90 minute session $75
120 minute sessions $100

Healing touch massage and energy work sessions will be led by the Holy Spirit, the greatest healer of all time.

Send me an email at rosepetalsfromJesus@gmail.com to schedule an appointment with me.


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