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Rose Petals From Jesus

Sheila McNeel

I grew up in a beautiful small town in the Four Corners area of Colorado and was brought up on the front seat of a beautiful country church, laying hands on people and watching the Lord do great miracles of healing all my life. I have never known what it was like not to love Jesus. Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by the idea that I can have the mind of Christ and sought to help myself and others be empowered with His mind so they can live free of depression and mental illness. After reading about all the healings in the Bible, I desired with all my heart to be a nurse and see people healed.

So when Jesus appeared to me and asked me if I would like to be an energy healer, I received His instruction with great joy as He taught me to heal the way He heals and gave me countless tools of comfort, peace and wholeness to bring into people's lives. For the last 30 years I have been a nurse's aid and studied the healing arts. I am an ordained minister with many specialized certifications including advanced Christ Consciousness energy healing, prayer centered hypnotherapy, holistic pain management, prayer placement massage and neurolinguistic programming. I am a Christian certified spiritual counselor and happiness life coach specializing in women's issues, relationships and family counselling, assisting people deal with trauma, addictions, stress disorders, grief and loss, depression and anxiety and helping them grow in self-love and emotional freedom. I am also certified to work with children and autistic clients.

Though I have many certifications, I have found that healing and love still come straight from my Lord Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory!

Your needs, wants and desires are of utmost importance to Him and to me!

He has made all my dreams come true.

I would love to help some of yours come true as well.

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Brenda Cobb Murphy

As a child growing up in Thailand to missionary parents I’ve always felt I was born loving God. Then, in 1992, after beginning a “random” Bible study, I fell head over heels in love with my Bridegroom Jesus.

Wanting God-time, I had decided to start out with twenty minutes a day (the youngest of our three children was four years old so I couldn’t leave them for long) and during that time, besides worshiping and praying, I would try listening in silence. At first, I spent my time before the throne, worshiping an awesome God who was huge, powerful, and holy. I was overwhelmed by such an almighty God, and often in tears.

Then one day I realized that instead of worshiping before the throne, I was hanging out with Jesus. Instead of worshiping a holy Father-God I was laughing and enjoying a close relationship with my Bridegroom. It took me by surprise. I hadn’t thought much, if anything, about the Bridegroom relationship. I just realized one day that my God-time had changed. Jesus had come and wooed me without my realizing it. Where I had been writing prose about an awesome God, I was now writing about dancing with Jesus. Now, instead of being on-my-face worshiping, I was hugging Jesus’ presence to myself wherever I was.

Since then I’ve grown into an intimate relationship with Jesus as my Bridegroom that has changed everything I believed and everything I thought being a Christian was. I’ve learned to walk in the supernatural with my eyes on his face. I flow through life dancing across the waters hand-in-hand with Jesus as I touch the world around me with His supernatural love.

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