Is God Sexual?

Teachings on the Bride of Christ, intimacy and loving Jesus, come with a warning that a relationship with Jesus is neither sensual nor sexual.

Think about it.

Imagine a bride on her wedding day walking up to her husband with a huge smile, eyes filled with desire for him and just before they say their vows he says to her, “Oh and by the way honey, we won’t be having sex EVER after we’re married.”

Can you just see her eyes bulge and hear her scream “What?!!!”

The fullness of expression of a bridegroom’s love for his bride is culminated in the act of making love to her. The evidence of this union is offspring. If the bride and groom don’t make love there are no children.

The statement that a relationship with Jesus is not sensual or sexual is in direct contradiction to God’s clear declaration that the relationship He wants to have with us is that of husband and wife.

Let’s be honest here.

What is the main difference between a marriage and any other relationship? Sex.

In order for the two to become one flesh, there must be a complete union of body, soul and spirit, or we are not fully joined in God’s eyes. In fact, we all understand that a marriage is not “consummated” until the rod has entered the “most holy place.”

Saying that a bridal relationship with Jesus is neither sensual nor sexual is intellectually dishonest. It denies the truth that God has always been clear about His desire to marry His chosen people.

Let’s face it, our relationship with Jesus is either a marriage (sensual and sexual) or it is a friendship (platonic). It cannot be both.

God’s Word is full of sensuality and sexuality from Genesis to Revelation.

You will find it if you have eyes to see.

Confusion abounds when looking through the eyes of the soul and not the spirit. God is a Spirit. The relationship originates in the spirit realm, not the physical realm. If you’re feeling dirty and offended with this idea, you’re in the wrong realm. Go higher.

God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours. He is clean, pure and holy.

God is the one who invented sex before He created us.

God created us in His image, male and female.

If you look up the definition of male, female and sex you will find that all male means is the one who gives seed to the female; the female receives seed from the male. Sex is the division of male and female on the basis of their reproductive functions and the union of male and female to produce seed after its kind. The process of division, union and multiplication of seed, begins in chapter 1 of Genesis. You could say theoretically that all of creation is having sex before man is even in the picture (and continues to this day without shame, guilt, or apology to us for being “inappropriate”). Male and female and sex is not inherent to man. It began in the heart of God before we were here, continuing throughout the whole Bible (it’s everywhere!!), and culminating (pun intended!) in Revelation to produce the Bride and the man child.

What is sex really?

When we understand that sex is all about planting seed then we see that all of creation is having sex as well.

God tells us that without Him nothing was made so we know that God made sex and that He made us in His image: male and female.

So yes, God is sexual.

Everything on earth is a type and shadow of a heavenly reality. The Bible tells us that all of creation speaks forth the mysteries of God. If we are not sure about a spiritual truth, we only need to look at creation and think (honestly!) about what we’re seeing and what it’s telling us. These are all types and shadows of God and His kingdom so we can understand and know Him.

How many times does a husband and wife have sex in the life of their marriage? How many times have all the men and women who have ever lived on this planet had sex since the beginning of time? What kind of number would that be? Do we even have a framework or grid to conceive (pun intended!) how many times that would be? Is God trying to drive a point home?

The Lord Jesus, the Lamb of God, has a wife. His desires for her and His intentions are clearly stated in the Song of Solomon. Isaiah 54 and many other scriptures clearly reveal that the husband’s duty to perform is to give seed to His wife. The greatest and most fertile seed of all time, the Lord Jesus, will inseminate, impregnate and fill His bride with holy seed once He has taken her in holy marriage. He will surely consummate the marriage after the pattern of the holy scriptures.

There is no marriage without the cutting of a covenant. There is no marriage covenant without consummation.

The pattern is clear in scripture for all to read.

Genesis 2:24 clearly defines the Lord’s intention: the two shall be one flesh. It’s not sick. It’s actually holy to be His.

From Genesis to Revelation, the Lord makes it clear that it’s all about the seed. Jesus said the parable of the sower is the greatest parable of all parables and that if you don’t understand this parable you won’t understand anything. The parable is all about planting seeds. If you don’t understand that God is all about planting seeds you don’t understand anything.

God clearly said to ALL of His creation: Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. This could also be translated as “have sex.” The Bible tells us that God blessed it and said on that day, that it was not only good, but the only day that He said that it was VERY GOOD!

God created all things for His pleasure including sex. Contrary to man’s religious beliefs, theologies, doctrines and misconceptions, there will be sex in heaven but only within the context of the clearly defined boundaries God has already shown us in His Holy Word: between a husband and a wife. Scripture is clear that in heaven there is only one wife and one husband: Jesus and His Bride.

The Lord reveals Himself and His nature to us through His names. One of them is THE LORD OF HOSTS.

What is a host? A host is a container.

The Bible refers to us as “vessels,” “jars of clay”, or “wineskins.” Essentially, God wants to insert Himself into His creation. In this sense He is male and all of His creation is female. The Bible tells us that God created “the earth to be inhabited.” He created us to be vessels or hosts to be inhabited by Him. The purpose is to be joined as one. He wants to come inside us. He creates us specifically so that He can fill us with Himself, essentially, so that He can plant His seed in us or have sex with us.