Is God Sensual?

“Walk by faith, not by feelings” encourages us to deny or suppress our feelings. Yet it is really only through deep emotion that we can truly understand and know God. The Bible describes the many emotions of God. In fact He is pure energy, pure emotion, pure love.

God desires to connect with us, not just through our thoughts, but through our feelings as well. We can connect with Him through all of our emotions.

We need faith if we don’t know. When we know, we don’t need faith.

To know someone is to have experiences with them. We experience life through our senses. If we don’t feel, hear, see, touch, taste or smell, we can’t truly know someone.

A marriage is sensual. How would a husband feel if his wife never touched him or told him she loved him? This is how God feels when we don’t show Him we love Him daily.

If we are supposed to ignore our feelings, then why did God give them to us in the first place?

Isn’t the most important two commandments about the most powerful emotion in the world? Love.

Why is the first thing people talk about when they are in the spirit and have passed from this realm into the next, the heightening of all their senses (whether heaven or hell)? Why does everyone talk about the amazing smells, sights, sounds, tastes of heaven? If God is not sensual, then why would He create such a magnificent feast for the senses in His kingdom?

Heaven and hell are all about the senses. What do people talk about when they come back? What they saw, what they heard, what they felt, what they tasted and smelled.

Think about it.

God wants to touch you and He wants you to touch Him. The New Testament is full of accounts of Jesus touching people and being touched by them.

God wants to taste you and He wants you to taste Him. God is continually looking for the sweet savour of our worship and longing for us to taste and see that He is good.

God wants to smell you and He wants you to smell Him. He is looking and longing to smell the incense of our love and adoration for Him.

God wants to see you and He wants you to see Him. Isn’t that what happens in the end, in the book of Revelation? God desiring to reveal Himself to us.

God wants to hear you and He wants you to hear Him. He longs to speak to us and for us to talk to Him.

What are gates? Gates are places where doors open and close. In Revelation, all the gates of New Jerusalem are open wide! This means the senses are open wide in a complete open yes to all of His movements, His flow, His river of life, passion and energy coming to and through all our openings.

In God’s eyes we are all in a spiritual coma, we are all spiritually asleep and He is trying to wake us up. We are like walking dead men in the spirit: totally unresponsive to Him spiritually and only responsive to the flesh when that is all we feed on. Why would Jesus say eat my flesh and drink my blood? This is very sensual. But when we begin to feed on Him, we begin to wake up. He activates our spiritual senses when we eat of His flesh (His substance) and drink of His blood (His life force) so that we wake up.

When we say that following the Lord is not about feelings, it’s about faith, we mistakenly relegate feelings as not holy or sacred, and ascribe these attributes to faith only. God gave us senses for a reason. The only reason our physical senses deceive us is because our heart is deceived. And the only reason our heart is deceived is because we have chosen not to turn it over to Him, set it upon Him and wholly give our heart to Him.

In the Spirit:

  • Seeing is perceiving
  • Hearing is understanding
  • Smelling is discerning
  • Tasting is knowing
  • Touching is revelation

O how He longs for you to open all your gates to Him and know Him as the true lover of your soul!

The more I have been walking with God the more I have been asking Him to touch me. I want to feel Him moving in me. I want to feel Him.

Why do you think people take drugs, get drunk or lust after sex? Why do people get addicted? That’s because we were meant to be addicted to Jesus. We were especially designed to cleave to Him. We were meant to feel the flow and the ecstasy of His deep love rippling like pulses and waves through our beings.

Don’t you want to be able to touch His heart and be touched by Him? In fact when Jesus touches people in the Bible and when they go to heaven, they are deeply changed by the experience. We cut ourselves off from knowing God when we remove feelings and emotions from our relationship with Him.

God’s emotions are amazingly expressive in scripture. He has strong feelings and desires. He has senses. He feels, He sees, He hears, He tastes, He smells, He touches.

I want to feel God. I want to feel Him moving inside my body, filling me with Himself. I want to feel His love for me that passes all understanding moving through me. I want to feel His joy unspeakable and full of glory in my being. I want to feel His abundant life growing in me like a tree of life. I want to feel His living waters filling me and overflowing out of me. I want to feel His anointing oils pouring from the heavens onto my head and covering my whole body with its warmth.

I want to smell what Christ smells like. I want to smell the fragrances of heaven. I want to smell like Him.

I want to hear the sound of His voice speaking to me, singing over me. I want to hear the sounds and music of heaven. I want to hear what He hears.

I want to taste the sweetness of His mouth, to taste and see that He is good. I want to have His tastes, to love what He loves and hate what He hates.

I want to see Him. I want to see heaven. I want to see what He sees.

I want to be able to touch His heart and be touched by Him. I want to feel what He feels in the depths of my being, to move as He moves me. I want to live in His embrace, feeling the warmth of His love touching me and being able to move Him with the passion of my love for Him.

The pillar of fire and the cloud of smoke represent the senses. The mixture of powerful feelings of love raging in the heart. This torrent of passion ascending and descending from heaven. Powerful emotions of love. This represents the fire of His love, the passion of His love for us.

God wants to hear from each one of us every day that we love Him. It’s important for us to say to Him, “I love you,” to share with Him how much we love Him and how much we want Him. He desires to hear it. He never tires of it. A lover loves to hear His lover’s song, their songs of love, and do little things to show love. When a person is in love, they experience pain and agony when they haven’t heard from their love in a day, or hours, and sometimes minutes. God is like that. He loves us so much that He wants to be in continual fellowship with us. He wants us to be thoroughly head over heels in love with Him!

In the last 4 years the Lord began to place His fire in my heart, causing me to feel passion for the first time in my life unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I had been yearning to experience this passion all my life.

The Lord and I have been watching my heart as it leaps with joy when I hear from Him and aches when I don’t, going through the motions of a heart in love. I’ve offered it all to Him. He has shown me that this is how He feels when we don’t come to Him every day and tell Him how much we love Him. He is the most radical lover in all the universe. His heart beats for us, for one glance of our eyes, a slight turning of our heart towards Him, just one word of appreciation, whatever effort we might make to show Him our affection and especially our devotion. He has allowed me to feel how His heart aches when we don’t pay Him any attention and how it leaps for joy when we do, kindling a desire in my heart to always turn to Him and love Him deeply with all my heart at all times that I may experience His pleasure.

Every passion that I feel, I offer it up to the Lord as a sweet smelling savor, knowing He placed it there. I can see and feel His smile as He is in me, on me, beside me, walking this road with me, watching me, assuring me that He is in control of the fires and directing them in my heart.

The Lord and I are channeling these to light up a beautiful pillar of fire, a white hot pillar of billowy clouds swirling in plumes of thick smoky sweet incense up to Him. It is so beautiful. This is the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud that I have been waiting for, for so long. I finally understand what it is. It is the raging hot passionate fire and smoke of His pure love ascending and descending at the same time from heaven to earth.

This is the oil of the five wise virgins, prepared and made ready for their bridegroom. It’s no coincidence that good hot sex requires lots of oil (lubrication). It is a representation of the crushing and breaking of the fruit of our emotions and offering it up to Him, into a pure sweet lovely ointment and oily fragrant perfume, made ready for His penetration into us - He penetrates us when we smell good and we’re oily.