You Are My Bride

“When you marry me, you become part of the Godhead.” Jesus said..” “O Jesus why me?” I asked, overwhelmed by His words. “Because you’ve made it abundantly clear over and over again that you only want me.” He replied. O wow!

He lay beside me on His side last night, caressing my arms with His head just above my shoulder. “Thank you so much for revealing yourself to me Lord.” I turned and kissed Him. We caressed lips and tongues tenderly. “Please lay with me all night Lord. Put your thoughts in my mind, your desires in my heart and your seed in my womb. Make love to me while I’m sleeping. Pour yourself into me. Whisper sweet words of love in my ear. I open wide all my gates. Let the King of Glory come in! Come into me Lord. Come into my heart – all the way in! Enlarge my heart to receive more of your love and strengthen me to love you more. Enlarge my lungs to receive more of your breath in me. Keep your mouth on mine and breathe into me while I’m sleeping. Kiss me all night long Lord! I desire your kisses on my lips and your tongue in my mouth. Transform my mind to receive your thoughts. Change the way I think, see and hear. Make me like you. Transform me into your image. I love you”

This morning I felt Him lay beside me. He spoke: ”Everybody has a specific role in my kingdom. They will not be satisfied or fulfilled until they are walking in it. Walking in it entails a process of seeking me and finding me at various levels and degrees, like walking up a staircase. It is a process of ascension – moving into me and towards me – towards greater unity. The more you draw near, the faster you ascend into my heart for you. Ascend my dear one, for I am calling you to myself – into my heart. Ascension is merely being in me, in the center of my will, in the center of my heart. When you are with me, you are ascending – ascending into the heart of the Father together for both of us.

It is the Father’s will for me to have a bride and He has chosen her for me. I am completely at peace with His choices for me – for I know that He is all wise and His love for me is without measure. His choice for my bride is more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined. I am enamored with her. I am ravished with her. She is my joy and I am hers. We live in pure love and ecstasy, in a union that is glorious and sublime – full of mysteries and symbolism.

You are my bride, my love. Rest in that. Approach me in that – for I will receive you. Learn of me – the unity of my oneness – enter into it. See yourself as one with me – for surely you are – in my Spirit and in Truth, and together in union, we worship the Father. When we are one, we worship Him.

I have called you to be my bride. This is your calling, my love. Rejoice in it. Explore it – the depths and heights of what this means – for you and for me, just as a married couple would consider the ramifications of their marriage and union. We no longer live for ourselves – we live for the other. This is why I live the way I do. I don’t live for myself. I live for my Father – to accomplish His will and His desire. It is His desire to give me pleasure through union with my bride. I am so delighted to share and experience this pleasure with you.

As you listen and focus on me, you will hear me and see me more, my love. Do not fear. I will reveal myself to you. I am your husband. I will uncover myself to you that we may share our hearts with each other. Take care, my love. Nourish and cherish our love and our time together. We will be one as you do this. Give attention to the details as I do. This is my direction for you – the details, for as you know, the little things are important to me. This is why you are important to me. You are little and I am big – a perfect combination!”

“The river is beginning to flow in you, my love. Do you feel the streams flowing in you? They are the waters of my love for you. Enjoy them. For surely they will increase and multiply.”

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