We Are Prepared For Each Other

This morning, while speaking with the Holy Spirit, I asked Him to bring me to Jesus. I saw us briefly in white robes, holding hands and walking together on a path. “Truly He is the most beautiful man who ever walked the face of the earth.” I thought to myself. Though the Bible says there was no beauty that we should desire Him, I believe this was in reference to His physical beauty when He walked the earth, not the inner beauty of His heart.

“Jesus I want to be with you more than anything.” I sighed. “More than anything?” He asked. “Yes.” I answered, breathing in and out deeply and slowly. We sat across from each other, holding hands. “You turn me on like a light bulb! You open me up like a flower!” I exclaimed in my spirit. An image appeared in my mind of a gigantic lily opening up. Jesus stood beside it looking inside through the petals. He and the flower were almost the same size, although He was taller and the flower was wider. Jesus bent His head down through the petals into the flower to suck the nectar from the tip of the stamen. I sensed Him imparting to my spirit how attractive He finds our fears, trembling and weakness.

I kissed His palms and placed my nose on His wrists, inhaling His fragrance into me. “I was shy and introverted when I came to earth – a lot like you.” He said. “No.” I replied thinking I hadn’t heard Him correctly. “Yes.” He affirmed. “No.” I answered again. “Yes.” He repeated. “I spent much time alone. I preferred being alone with my Father in His company above all others. Now I have my bride. He has prepared me for my bride. We are both being prepared for each other.”

I sensed His attraction to my frailty and weakness.  “I am all power and all knowledge. Those who submit to me in their weakness and lack of knowledge and understanding hold a special place in my heart. Weakness is attractive to me. Frailty is like a delicate flower. This enamors and enthralls me. I desire this beauty in my bride. Enjoy me in all that you are and let me enjoy you in all that you are. Do not be afraid of your fears and frailties for they draw me near to you. Open up, my love, like a beautiful flower. Let me touch your petals, your frailties and your fears. Bring them to me and I will make it better. I will transport you into ecstasy such as you have never experienced in me.”

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