The Heart of His Bride

I believe the bride is created for His pleasure. Every aspect of her being is designed to please and delight Him in every way. She is a walking feast for all His senses. There will be no one like her in all of heaven. Her beauty will be unlike anything ever seen. She will be stunning to behold. Her fragrances will be like no other. He will desire to kiss her, for her mouth will taste like the sweetest of honey. Her words will be full of uncommon grace, truth and wisdom. No one will touch Him like she does. No one will touch His heart, have access to His heart or move Him like her. No one will look at Him or lean on Him the way she does. She will wear the most stunning garments and jewels ever seen in all of heaven. She will have the most beautiful long hair and attractive breasts full of the sweetest nectar only for His pleasure. Her defining feature will be her heart: completely, wholly, fully given only to Him. It will be expressed through her eyes. All of heaven will speak of the way she looks at Him. She will have dove’s eyes for Him alone. Her eyes will be completely enraptured by and focused on Him alone. Her love for Him is what makes her beautiful. She is completely covered with Him: His blood, His life, His light, His righteousness, His grace, His beauty, His wisdom, His truth – all the riches of His virtues and nature. She bears His name and His seed. She is His.

Her prayer expresses the desire of her heart for Him alone:

“Father, the desire of my heart is to be His, exclusively His, to minister to Him and to give Him great delight and pleasure. May I be His most beautiful and favorite bride, dressed in the most spectacular wedding dress in all of heaven and adorned with the most exquisite jewels and hair in all of heaven. Please create a unique fragrance and perfume for me that Jesus has never smelled before so that He would find me completely irresistible. Cause me to look at Him with dove’s eyes so pure, so holy, so single that my defining feature and glory would be the way that I look at Him in the most profound, deepest, hottest, most passionate love two lovers could ever have for one another. Please give me many gifts of all different sizes, styles and types to give to Him on our wedding day that would give Him immense joy. I would like Him to be overwhelmed and delighted with every gift that He opens. Please create for us an unlimited, amazing, beautiful, wonderful garden filled with an abundance of fruit, glorious life, skies, landscapes, horizons and scenery; flowers, spices, bushes, trees, mountains, hills, streams, rivers, waterfalls, ponds, seas, oceans; animals, birds, fish and all manner of sea life and creatures. Let there be life, creatures, flowers and fragrances never before seen in all of heaven. Fill this garden with a never ending delight of special surprises, treasures and pleasures that Jesus would enjoy so much that He would rejoice, long and desire to be with me always and continually forever. Grant that we would have the most romantic love in all of heaven, sharing the most holy, tender, gentle, sweetest romance ever and forever: a divine romance without end. Give me the most beautiful breasts in all of heaven that Jesus would have a suitable place to lay His head. Make me a beautiful luxurious bed of deep emotional passion and intimacy, a place where Jesus would desire to be and find rest.”

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