See Yourself As My Bride

“I am yours and you are mine. It is sealed. Now walk in it. See yourself as my bride every day you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. See me with you, in you, on you and all around you, for I am. I am yours and you are mine. We are one. We are one. We are one. See it.”

We stood on a beautiful white sandy beach in our white robes overlooking a beautiful turquoise blue ocean and clear sky. The sun shone very brightly. Our feet were covered by the water along the shoreline. I was a little girl holding His hand, looking up at His smiling face and watching His hair blowing in the wind. His eyes seemed to be the same color as the ocean and the sky. I hugged His legs. When I did this, my arms slid up His body as I began to grow. Our smiles grew wider as I neared His face, then kissed His neck and wrapped my arms around it when I was tall enough. “I love you Lord.” I whispered in His ear. “I so want to be your bride!” My heart spoke to Him within my being with such an urging from deep within.

He looked at me face to face. “You are my bride.” I looked at Him trying to drink this reality in. “See yourself as my bride.” My eyes lowered to His chest as I tried to see myself as His bride. “Look at me.” He said tenderly lifting my chin.  I collapsed to my knees and blurted out, “But every time I look at you Lord I just want to kiss you!” He laughed and sat down in front of me with an expression on His face. “And that’s a bad thing? You can kiss me anytime you want.” He replied. “I want you to kiss me.” “Oh!” I said out loud as I fixed my eyes on His mouth. When He said this I understood that the pull I feel towards Him deep within my being, the intense longing and groaning of my heart in desire for Him, is from Him. I saw a thick strong magnetic ring encircling our hearts that kept drawing us together like a magnet. “I want to kiss you Lord.” I said to Him in my mind. He opened His mouth to me. I drew near. Tremors of pleasure pulsed throughout my being as our lips touched. I gently caressed His mouth with my lips and my tongue. “You are so sweet Lord.” I sighed in my mind to Him as I continued to enjoy drinking of the pleasures of His mouth.

“Forgive me Jesus for asking to be your bride when you have already told me that I am.” I said to Him. “I have already chosen you as my bride. It is already done. Come up higher my love. Come up higher and see yourself as I see you.” One of our hands were joined above and the other below as He turned me in slowly, then He turned me so that both my hands were enveloped by His behind my back. His arms enveloped me in a giant hug. He bent me over and kissed me. As He lifted me up and untangled our arms I hugged Him tightly. ”Before you knew me I knew you.” He continued. “I knew your heart would be soft towards me. I created your heart to love me. I am holding your heart in my hand.” He affirmed as we turned again while dancing cheek to cheek. “O how I long to kiss you Jesus!” I thought in my mind. “I can read all the thoughts and desires of your heart instantly even before you know them.” He smiled. “I know that you love me. I can hear the longings of your heart. I will satisfy all of them. You will see all of your desires satisfied beyond what you can even imagine. My desire is for you. I am here to claim my desire on your heart.” He twirled me around Himself with His hand holding mine above my head. ”My desire is on your heart. You will do my pleasure because this is written and engraved on your heart. As you have desired, so shall it be.” “My desire is yours Lord.” I said looking into His eyes with longing and increasing desire.

“Your heart is in my hand. Trust me with your love. I will kindle it and set it on fire for me. I will blow upon your heart and set it ablaze with my glory. Wait for my breath upon your heart. Wait for me to kiss your heart. You will feel it.” “Blow upon my heart Jesus. Set me on fire with love for you.” I pleaded agreeing with His wonderful words.

He stood in front of me, holding my hands. His face beaming with the brightness of all His virtues! “Truly you are loved, my love. You are loved. Rest in my love for you. Rest.” He took my hand and ran out onto a high mountain cliff, jumping up in the air and down into the waters below. Huge dolphins swam to us. He took hold of one of their top fins as they raced through the waters, jumping in and out, high up and deep below. I followed His lead on another dolphin. They swam down through the waters, past under water mountains and sea life. He looked like an under water king! A gold crown was on His head. He wore a design of gold bands and vines embedded with jewels around His arms, legs, and body.

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