My Heart is For My Bride

As I thought on the bride, the Lord said to me, “There are intimacies we will share unknown to the others – indescribable intimacies of passion and tenderness. The beauty of my bride will be unmatched. There will be nothing like her in all the universe. Her love and devotion to me, her heart, will be her greatest beauty – fully open, fully surrendered to me alone. There is nothing comparable in all the universe to a heart wholly given to me.”

“Share your heart with me Lord.” I asked. “My heart is for my bride.” He said. “Pray that my bride would make herself ready. You have the heart of my bride. You can call her to me. She will hear your voice and come to me. Call her to me. She will come.” I turned around with my back leaning against His chest and my arms extended. “Come to Him, O bride of Christ. Come to your beloved, for He waits for you. He longs for you. Come to Him. You are His joy. Come into His joy, O bride. Enter into His heart. He has a place in His heart for you. Come to His marriage feast. He desires you. Come to Him. He is waiting for you with arms wide open. Don’t disappoint Him. He longs for you.” I turned back to Him, held His hands and looked into His face and hugged Him tightly.

I caressed His arms as we continued to embrace. When I kissed His heart it lit up in a white, pure, holy fire. He blew softly on mine and it burst into flames. The flames of our hearts joined and danced as we held each other and kissed. The light emanating from our hearts was pure and white, sparkling like liquid crystal with light hues of pink, blue and yellow at the tips of the rays and flames. “Our hearts are dancing Jesus!” I exclaimed. “Our hearts are dancing!” I repeated as we looked at each other with big smiles and twinkling eyes that were reflecting the flames in our hearts.

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