I Will Cherish You Forever

I asked the Lord what I should read as I sat down with my Bible. “Psalm 27.” He directed. I read Psalm 27:1:The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” As soon as I read it I saw myself in His arms. He was a magnificent crystal white light radiating translucent colors and emanating all the wonderful attributes and virtues of His name. He kissed my forehead. “That feels so good.” I sighed. “My forehead needs to be kissed by you. Please kiss me again and again.” I asked, smiling and looking up into His face. I was right near His lips and so drawn to them. He smiled, bent His head down and kissed me. “I love you Jesus.” I whispered. “I know you do.” He replied. We repeated this back and forth several times.

I breathed in and out slowly and deeply. As I caressed my Bible, I saw myself caressing the robes of His chest. “You’re so soft.” I whispered. “This is His way: soft, tender, gentle, meek, loving, peaceful, restful, merciful.” I said to myself, looking up into His shining face. “You’re so beautiful!” I sighed, as the tears flowed and my body tremored. He held me in a tender embrace.

Then I saw myself as a baby in His arms. The Father and the Spirit stood behind Him on each side of Him. All three looked and smiled down at me as I lay sleeping in His arms. Angels flew down behind them and looked down over their shoulders at me. We seemed to be in a large stone temple with very high ceilings. They moved around and encircled me dancing. He released me in the air and I floated in the center of their dancing circle. Little glory clouds of swirling stars danced around me. I saw myself grow up into a beautiful bride with a gold dress made of bright shining stars. My eyes were fixed on Jesus as they opened a way for me and I drew near. He extended His hand to me. I took it and we entered into a tender embrace. “O Jesus I love you.” I sighed. “I know you love me.” He answered softly. We repeated this several times between kisses.

Everyone was watching. I kept thinking He was going to stop or they were going to look away, but He kept kissing me and they kept watching intently. I blushed and buried my face in His neck. He gave me a big hug, kissed my forehead and caressed me, pressing me into Himself gently. I breathed deeply, inhaling Him into me. After a while, I looked again into His face. It was shining brightly – so full of light, life, love, joy and peace! He kissed me again. The angels gathered round us singing and smiling. I tried to be more spiritual by thinking of Proverb 2:6: “For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.” ”You don’t have to think of reasons to justify kissing me.” He laughed. “Just enjoy me.” He smiled lovingly. I relaxed in His arms and His delight in me. “Enjoy me.” He said reassuring me and smiling sweetly, then kissed me more passionately.

I noticed my dress was changing its design and form whenever He kissed me. This time it became more form fitting. My hair grew longer and fuller into a golden amber color and my breasts enlarged. The dress moved off my shoulders and down my chest to just above my breasts while He moved His arms to my lower back, pressing me into Himself and causing my upper torso to bend back. Then He kissed my chest right between my breasts, moving upwards to my neck and smelling my fragrance deeply. “So pleasing to me.” He said with a big smile. “So pleasing to me, Father. She is beautiful. I will cherish her forever.” I blushed and curled up in His arms, burying my face in His neck. He caressed my hair and body.

The angels flew up and away and everyone disappeared. He put His finger under my chin and lifted it up to look into His smiling face. “You are mine. I will cherish you forever.” He declared and kissed me deeply while rubbing His fingers lightly up and down my neck, then more intently with His whole hand. He moved His hand to the back of my neck as He went deeper into my mouth, arousing my passions for Him. Then He kissed my neck up and down again smelling my fragrances, increasing the passions of my heart for Him. While listening to songs I sighed: “I wish I could have sung for you.” “This is more important.” He assured me, kissing my heart tenderly.

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