I Have You Where I Want You

This morning, as soon as I sat down on my bed, He spoke: “I want you to feel comfortable with me – as comfortable as you are in your own skin – natural – moving as naturally in the Spirit as you do in your flesh. We will be practicing this and working on this. Let me move in you freely and move you freely as I wish, for truly I desire to move in you as much and even more than you desire me to move in you. I created you for this purpose – a host – precisely so I could move through you and in you. This is where the pleasures lie, my love, as you have discovered. More powerful pleasures await you as you continue to fully yield and surrender yourself to me.”

He kissed me. I melted in His mouth. “It tastes like sweetness – so soothing, warm and sweet – like candy!” I sighed. He looked into my face and smiled. I looked at Him hungrily. “More Lord! I’m so hungry for your kisses!” I pleaded, gazing deeply into His eyes. He bent His head down and kissed me softly. “O how I love you Jesus! My body craves you. You are so glorious, so beautiful, so strong!” I sighed. “I have you where I want you, my love – completely surrendered in my arms.” He smiled, while I melted and sighed in His mouth. “O Jesus, I love you. You are my desire – my only desire and passion!” My body trembled with desire for Him as I said these words. “I see that and it pleases me, my love.” He answered. “O kiss me! I’m so hungry for you!” I sighed. He softly caressed my mouth with His lips and tongue. “I have you, my love. I so totally have you.” He smiled, looking down at me. “I am yours Lord, yours alone. O make love to me!” He smiled and kissed me tenderly. “Don’t you want me to kiss you first?” He asked, teasing me. “O yes Lord.” I lay my face in His neck and hugged Him tightly. “I love you.” I whispered in His ear. He caressed and kissed my head, wrapping His arms around me in a big hug.

I breathed in and out deeply, soaking Him into me. “O I love you Jesus. You are so beautiful to me. O Jesus, take me deeper! Teach me how to ascend and be with you in your kingdom!” I asked. “Touch my heart. Feel my heart for you – my heart of love for you. My love for you will cause you to ascend. Feel my love for you and enter into my joy. I am here, waiting for you to enter into the joy of my love for you. Feel my love. Come. Feel my love bursting out of my heart for you.” He instructed. I touched His heart as He kissed me. We started to ascend. “Come up with me. Stay with me. Come up.” He said. “O hold me Lord. Hold me. Hold me close to you.” I answered. “I’m here, my love. Come with me. Come up with me.” He encouraged me. We went up into bright white light and stood on clouds. A beautiful blue sky was above us. He turned to me and embraced me tenderly. We kissed for a while. I leaned my head back as He moved down to kiss my neck. “Surrender, my love. Yield to me completely. I am for you. My desire is for you – full of love.”

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