I Have Waited So Long For My Bride

Last night, He sat in front of me while I lay on my bed. “I love you. Light my heart on fire.” I whispered. He put His hand on my heart. It lit up in soft pink with a touch of light yellow and orange – like a pink crystal. I began to pray for His bride on earth. “O Lord, awaken your bride. Put the fire of your love inside her heart. Awaken her heart to you. Bride of Christ, awaken to your bridegroom!” I declared. He took my heart and launched it in the air. It flew across the night sky around the earth, sparkling and shining like a shooting star and a freshly lit firecracker in soft pink, yellow and orange colors. Little bits of my heart, like star dust, fell into the hearts of His bride. He was so happy, beaming a huge smile from ear to ear. His heart was overjoyed!

We kissed. I lay my hand on His heart that was already lit up and emanating huge rays like the sun. He took a piece of it and put it in me. I understood that my heart wasn’t coming back to me. It was being planted in all His brides and He was giving me a new heart – His heart.

I felt members of the cloud of witnesses surround my bed and latched onto the Lord’s hands tightly. “Do not fear. They are here to help you and pray for you. You are my bride. They are here to help prepare you for my soon coming. It is at the door. I am at the door, my love. Truly, I am here already. The final preparations are being made. We are here and it is glorious. You shall be overjoyed and my joy will overwhelm you.” He said tenderly, putting His arms up and standing in front of me. Everyone else put their arms up, forming a tent around me while they stood on each side of my bed and Jesus and I stood on each end. “I love you.” I said, looking at Him with my hands lifted up. “This is a tent of love. The banner over you is love.” He explained sweetly. “Your love for me is true – and so is my love for you. You are awake to me, my love. Now it is time to awaken the rest of my bride. I call you to awaken her. Help me awaken my bride. You know you can feel her heart because you have the heart of my bride.” “O Jesus, this is so exciting!” ”Yes, I know! I am so excited to meet my bride! I have waited so long my love, my bride.” He answered.

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