I am Your Husband

I was feeling totally inadequate, slumped in my bed.  He came to me, covered in a thick luxurious flowing dark brown robe that looked like a fur coat and glistened with tiny gold thread highlights. He sat behind me and wrapped His arms around me. I turned my head towards Him and He kissed me, breathing His life slowly into my mouth while sucking my impurities into Him, like an air filter.

His arms enclosed and surrounded me. “What is this coat Lord? It’s so elegant and soft.” I asked. “I want you to know that I am here for you and you can feel comfortable that I am looking after you and taking care of all your needs. I am your provider. I will look after you. I am your husband. I will provide for all your needs. This rich coat symbolizes my ability to provide for you. I am not stingy, my love. I am rich and abounding with blessings. Do not fear. I will look after you and provide for you.” He encircled me closer and tighter in a comfortable hug. I felt so secure and safe in His arms. The fur was incredibly soft and comforting. I searched for the warmth of His body underneath His coat and curled up in Him, closer to His heart. He kissed and caressed my head and covered me with His coat.

Then He opened His mouth to me. It was flowing with sweetness – a sweet, clear, liquid – almost like gel but more liquid – so tasty! “O Jesus, you turn me on! You make me so hot for you!” I sighed. “You can drink as long as you want and as much as you want, my love. I am here for you. Drink of my love for you. It is a never ending fountain, full of life! As long as you drink, your love for me will never die.” He said. “O wow Lord! Let me drink then, and drink! I want my love for you to increase!” I responded. “It is increasing. Can you feel it?” He asked. “Yes Lord. It is such a stirring in my spirit, like a volcano that wants to erupt continually.” I exclaimed. “That’s quite an analogy, my love!” He answered. “That’s quite a stirring Lord.” I replied. “You stir me Jesus! You stir my passions for you whenever I am near you. I want you with such passion and desire.” I confessed, resting my head on His shoulder.

He leaned His head towards me and licked my mouth, caressing my lips and tongue with His. It was so stimulating and exciting! I was still, mouth slightly open, letting Him deposit His sweetness into my mouth. He licked the roof of my mouth tenderly while I sucked His tongue. “O Jesus, I want to make love to you!” I sighed. I felt His smile. “Drink of my love. Drink! You need to drink of me more than you need to make love to me right now.” He whispered sweetly. “Oh.” I sighed, drinking the sweetness from His mouth.

We breathed in and out, mouth to mouth. I felt so hooked on His holiness that flowed inside of me in His breath as He sucked in my toxins and released His clean, pure holiness into me. “Teach me how to honor you Lord.” I asked. “You are so deserving and worthy of honor.”

“You need to concentrate on just spending time with me and being with me. This is what our relationship is about. Just focus on me and I will do the rest, my love. What I’ve asked you to do is not hard – just do it. That’s all I ask of you: Look at me and see yourself as my bride. You don’t have to worry or stress yourself about anything else. I will do it all.  I will take care of everything. You are my bride! I will take care of you, my love. I will work. I am your husband. Let me do the work while you rest in me, my beloved bride. I am so for you, my love. Rest in my love for you. Rest.”

His face was so illuminated with the beauty of His nature and virtues. His beautiful smile continued to beam into my face like the sun. “O Jesus, there is no one like you in the universe! I don’t understand why you love me.” I sighed. “Because I have chosen you, my love, and you are mine. Enjoy me!” He answered joyously. “Yes Lord! I so enjoy you! I so enjoy being with you and around you. Thank you for choosing me. I am so honored Lord. Help me to adore you and worship you in a way that pleases you exceedingly, my Lord and King.” I bowed on one knee and kissed His hand. He lifted me up above His head and twirled me happily, then danced us across the dance floor, lifting me up at various times when we turned. I laughed it was so much fun. The twirling made me feel so happy. He held me softly. “Relax, my dove.” He whispered in my ear. “I have you. I have you in my arms and I’m not letting go. Be at peace, my love. I have it all under control. Leave it in my capable hands. You can trust me. I am good and I will look after you. I am here always, rejoicing in you and with you.” He said soothingly. “Thank you Jesus for your kind words to me.” I responded. “I will change you and you will be a glorious bride. You will be more beautiful than you can even imagine. You will be my stunning bride – a delight to my eyes! I have prepared all of it already. It is ready. It is done. You just have to enter into my rest. Enter my rest, here, now, in my arms open wide to you, my love.”

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