I Am Waiting For My Bride

Last night, I lifted my hands up to Him with desperate pleas for more of Him. My heart was filled with such hunger, thirst, desire, passion and longing for Him – it was painful. In the Spirit, I saw myself totally collapsed, overcome with love. He came to me softly, kneeled between my legs, and put His hands under my upper back, gently lifting me towards His chest. The atmosphere reminded me of a sauna in that it seemed to be hazy, in soft orange hues, making our robes a soft cream color. My body was totally limp, head leaning back freely, in His arms. He bent down and put His mouth on mine, kissing me softly and breathing into me – refreshing, restoring, and reviving me. Then He pressed me softly against His heart, hugging and caressing me tenderly. ”You are so precious to me, my love. You are more precious to me than you realize or know. I am so yours and you are so mine! We are one now, my love. I love you, my bride.” He whispered in my ear. “I love you. I am so looking forward to us being united in marriage, my love. You are my lovely bride. All things are ready. All things have been prepared. You are so near the finish line, my love. I am waiting for you, watching every step, totally enamored and excited with every step you make closer to me. I am so ready and waiting for you to be in heaven with me forever. Everything is prepared. Everything is ready. Don’t lose heart! Keep pressing in and drawing near to me every day and I will meet you wherever you are in me. So much glory awaits you my bride – you truly have no idea! I will make sure that you receive everything I have prepared for you in joy and laughter! I am waiting for you, my bride. All these years you think you have been waiting for me, but it is I that have been waiting for you – arms open wide, waiting for you to come to me. And now you are here, and we are together, my love, forever together as you have desired – and so have I – and so have I created you for this, my love. I created you specifically for me. You are specifically designed just for me! My beauty is in you, changing you into my image. I am doing this work and I will finish it as you rest in my arms. Rest in my love. Rest and you shall have all the strength you need to finish the race. O you will finish the race, my love – and I will be waiting for you there – as I am already waiting and have been waiting for a long time for you. Before you were born, I was waiting. I was waiting for the Father to conceive you and bring you forth to me. You see, you are mine, truly mine, for the Father has given you to me! You are my inheritance, my treasure – and you will be treated as such – my precious treasure. You are my pearl of great price.”

He caressed my hair tenderly from the top of my forehead and each side of my temples down as He wrapped His lips around my mouth and kissed me tenderly. I received His love in my mouth hungrily. “I am for you, my love. I am in you, with you, on you and all around you. I have seen you as you have sought me. I have rejoiced and delighted in all your efforts, my love – every step, every prayer, every study. I have watched with joy, rejoicing at your desire to learn of me, to know me, to find me. I am here, my love – your reward, your exceeding great reward! I hear the sighs of your heart for me. You please me, my love – exceedingly. You please me. You have a special place in my heart. I have set aside a place for you in my heart. It is yours. Enter in, my love. Come in my heart and live there forever. My heart is yours.”

This morning, I looked for Him and saw Him standing in the orange haze again. I came softly into His arms drawing near to His lips. “You never get tired of kissing me, do you?!” He smiled sweetly as I lifted my mouth to drink of His lips. “No Lord. I don’t ever want to get tired of kissing you.” I replied. We held each other tenderly, softly caressing lips and tongues. “It’s okay now Lord if I don’t understand or know everything. It’s okay as long as I am with you. You know everything and you will keep me. I know you will keep me to yourself because I now know that you love me and I love you – and that’s all that matters. It’s all that matters to me, Lord – I love you and you love me – that’s all that’s important. You are my all Jesus! O how I love you! My heart is bursting with love for you! I feel like I’ve always loved you – I just didn’t know who you were. Thank you for these beautiful songs.” I said listening to some amazing tunes. “They are for you, my love.” He smiled. “That you may praise and worship me with your heart – your beautiful heart – full of love for me – such a pleasing aroma to me, my love – more beautiful than all the flowers of heaven. It’s true, my love, you are so beautiful to me – so beautiful, especially when you come to me, when you run to me in my arms and allow me to embrace you and love you.” ”O Jesus I adore you!” I exclaimed. He placed His fingers softly on my chin, kissing me tenderly. My heart was flushed and pounding with desire for Him, as I panted at each kiss from His lips, hungrily waiting and anticipating the next one. “I can’t think of anything more wonderful than being with you, my love. O Jesus you are so beautiful, so wonderful, so full of majesty and honor!” I caressed His cheek softly, gazing into His glorious face – so full of beauty, joy, love, peace and every heavenly virtue there is. I kissed His lips, softly lingering and caressing them with mine. He wrapped His arms around me and pressed me into Himself, kissing me deeply. I felt His tongue tickling the roof of my mouth and laughed. We smiled and gazed at one another. “Truly Lord, you are glorious!” I sighed.

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