Watch and Wait

We stood in the holy place of His golden temple just outside the holy of holies. There was no veil in front of it, just a dark opening. He held me in His arms. My head rested on His heart and my arms held Him tenderly around His waist. His white robes are so soft and warm like the softest most comfortable pillow you’ve ever enjoyed. I felt so safe. “Please forgive me for having so many fears.” I said to Him in my mind. “I am afraid of not being holy or acting appropriately in your presence.”

He enveloped me and slowly rocked me back and forth like a mother her baby. I could tell He was calming my fears, filling me with reassurance with His Spirit of peace. I just wanted to rest in His arms. I felt He just wanted to hold me. I looked up into His face. He could tell I was feeling awkward and unsure of how to act around Him. “Wait and Watch.” He said looking deeply into my eyes. I knew He was telling me to wait for His queues and watch His face intently. I felt such peace when He said these words to me – like I didn’t have to try or worry or wonder how I should be or act. I just had to rest in Him, look at Him and wait for His signal and He would take care of everything else. His timing and His ways are perfect. If I am fully surrendered to His love, watching Him and waiting for His signals, He will come to me and I will be delighted, overjoyed and in a state of continual peace and pleasure every time.

He gently reminded me that I would never be led into deception if I waited and watched for Him to move first. I understood that every little moment counts with the Lord. All the little decisions we make every day for or against Him. He sees all. He sees everything. He is watching and so should we – watching and waiting for His presence all day.

This morning as I read my Bible, I felt Him floating above and over me, pouring His love on me and smelling my fragrance. His presence caused me to tremble lightly and feel warm tingles all over my body. “I love that you have given your heart to me, that you have guarded your heart. You kept your heart for me alone. I will ravish your heart with my love. Watch for it. Wait for it. For I will surely come and rapture you.” He said.

“I have seen your efforts to come before me daily in prayer and in my Word. I am well aware of the strength and commitment required for you to continue doing this without seeing the physical manifestation of your answers to prayer. At the moment you have need of my Spirits to teach you and I have sent them to you. When you will need my power to flow through you, I will manifest it. I have sent my Spirits to you to teach you my ways and my thoughts that you may know me and think my thoughts. When it is time for you to operate in my power, you will have it. You will move in it and the manifestation will appear. Know me, for I desire you to know me. I desire you to be with me. I desire you to draw near to me. I will prophesy your comings and your goings. You will know your steps and the next steps. I will show you things to come and you will know what is happening before it takes place. Watch and wait for it, for truly I have spoken and it will come to pass, for surely I will deliver you and set you on high. You are my child. I will raise you up. I will water you as water on dry ground. You will be filled and your thirst quenched. You will be satisfied and have abundance, for I am abundance in all things.”

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