Waiting is the Most Important Part

“Lord, thank you so much for being such an ever present wonderful friend. Thank you for being my comfort and strength – a safe haven to run to when I am weary and in need. Jesus, I glorify your precious, holy name. I long to be one with you – to be your bride, your friend – faithful and true as you are. Jesus, feed me this morning. I am so hungry and thirsty for you. I am so longing for a fresh word from you this morning.”

“I am here. Waiting for your mouth to open so I can feed you. Rest my child. I will feed you. My word is fresh, my word is alive, my word is for you today. Lean on me and I will give you rest. I have spoken to you that you may know my glory. Am I not Lord? Shall I not perform it? Watch, and you will see. I will also do it. I will clothe you with my righteousness and glory. I will strengthen you. I will take you from the pit and place you on a high rock. Honor shall be your covering and my majesty will be your adornment. I will magnify my Word in you and my name will be Jehovah-Jireh – the God who provides. I am God. I am Lord of your life. Place me here and nothing will be impossible to you. You will fly – I will teach you. Write, that I may speak, that my words may flow through you like a river; I am the refreshing, I am the water of life, the wellspring from which all things flow. I will feed you the manna that feeds the spirit. Know this, I will have my way with you. I will tenderize and strengthen your heart at the same time. I will make you soft and hard at the same time – a mystery. A truly miraculous creation. I speak thus because I speak in Spirit. I am not concerned with the physical. In your case, I am only concerned with the spiritual because I have given you an understanding of its realities and functions. Despite your thoughts in this matter, I have placed within you spiritual greatness – a deep capacity for understanding spiritual concepts and truths. I had simply hidden these things from your view. But I have made you a deeply spiritual person and therefore I need not give importance to physical manifestations in your life because you understand what I teach you. Fear not, you will have physical manifestations, but only as a source of my love for you – only as an afterthought of what has already manifested in the Spirit – the after effects of the rippling water flowing – overflowing – from you. Know this my child, I shall make you great. I shall lift you up. Only trust me and do not doubt. I have spoken, I shall also do it. Watch and do not tire to wait for me. Do not faint and the rewards will be great.

“So many people follow me but are not willing to wait for my promises to be fulfilled in their lives. Waiting is the most important part – the most important ingredient – waiting in the burning hot furnace of my love and my zeal for the hearts of men. The furnace is my heart, my love. It burns within me and burns everything I love. If you have my Spirit within you, the fire will make you glow. If you do not, it will destroy and consume you. My furnace is my love. It burns hot. It is alive with fire for my creation. It burns with a desire to love and to be loved – to share my burning love with all of my creation. My furnace is hot. Come and receive. Enter into the fire of my love. The furnace awaits all those who desire my love and desire it not. Desire the hot furnace of my love. Desire me. I desire to place my burning fire within you. I have placed that burning within you. It is a small coal and it is not very hot. But let me feed you and it will grow. I will feed the fire and dress it. I will blow upon it with the wind of my Spirit. It will glow and overflow – it will burn all who do not burn with the same fire as you. Burn with the fire of my love. Burn and I will set you free. The flames will burn your chains. When you wait for me, praise me; think of me and praise me. Do not think of you and your problems. That is not important. Think of me, my power, my glory, my ability to have the victory over all – I will do it! Before your very eyes! Trust me, praise me, love me and I will deliver you. The Lord, He will do it, He will glorify Himself in you.”

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