Waiting For Me to Completely Open Up to Him

He sat on a park bench in His white robes surrounded by a garden filled with flowers. I sat on the ground at His feet in white robes also, laying my head and arms on His lap. He stroked my head and hair while I enjoyed soaking Him into me. I caressed and kissed His hand, cupping it around my mouth to kiss the inside of His palm softly. O how wonderful His caresses feel on my head and hair – so soothing! There was a brightness coming through the clouds in the background. I caressed and kissed the inside of His forearm softly up and down, pausing on the inside of His palm. Then I turned my body and head around so the back of my head rested on His lap and I gazed into His beautiful face. “Thank you so much Lord for revealing yourself to me.” I smiled. He tenderly caressed my cheeks and hair. “You are mine, my love, totally mine. O how I rejoice that you belong to me! Your heart is wholly given to me and I possess it in my heart. You are mine, my beloved! You are in my heart fully! Come into the pleasures of my love for you! I am waiting for you to completely open up to me. Continue, my love. I wish to open your heart further and pour an avalanche of my love upon you. Allow me to pour my love upon you more freely, my love. There is so much more I long to show you and reveal to you. Open up to me more, stronger, wider, deeper, my love. Keep pressing in harder, longer, deeper, more intensely and passionately. You will find me there, waiting for you, in the heat of your passion. Don’t hold back. Throw yourself upon me in total abandon. I am waiting for you there, in the heat of your passion for me. I long to bestow upon you more of my heart, more of my passion. Come, my love, come closer to me.” He said, opening His arms wide to me. I got up and sat in His lap, curling up into His chest. He wrapped His arms around me, put His cheek on my head and rocked me back and forth. I felt so peaceful and at rest in Him.

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