Wait For The Revelation to Come

“Come now and see how great a God you serve. Come forth and know my mind, my heart, my thoughts. I am of one mind – my thoughts are one, my Spirit is one. Come and behold my thoughts. Come and I will show you great and mighty things of strength and wisdom, of greatness and glory. Come up on high where I am and know my thoughts. Speak with me in high places and I will answer you. Know my thoughts and you will know my mind. I am of one mind and I will make your mind joined with me – single, perfect, ever knowing and understanding the will of the Father in all things. Come and see me as I am. See me in the beauty of my holiness, for only the holy shall see me as I am. I will give you the keys that unlock the mysteries I wish to reveal to all my children. Come and I will show you my glory, my honor, my majesty. My righteousness will be your crown. You have been chosen to know me. Come receive my mind, receive my crown and be a king. Reign as I reign, in my glory and righteousness. Come and behold my great law, full of wonders, full of treasures, pearls and gemstones. Come and be with me and I will be with you. Tarry and wait for me, for I will surely come.

“As the winds come when my Word speaks, so will your heart when I call. Come for I have called you. Come for I have created you for my glory. My heart is one and desires that you be one in me, with me and through me. Be one in me. Know my heart. You can know my heart. I will reveal it to you. I will reveal to you the mysteries of my kingdom, the glory of my crowns, the power of my throne. I am a God of mystery and revelation. In me is both the hidden and the revealed, the darkness and the light, the known and the unknown. Hallelujah! The glories of the Lord are new every morning. Precious are the secrets of the Lord, the hidden mysteries revealed to His children. You will know these mysteries, for I will reveal them to you. I will glorify myself in you, for the knowledge of me comes through revelation by my Spirit, through my Son. Hallelujah! You desire revelation – you shall receive it – in abundance, for I am a wealthy God, rich and generous with my children. My riches are the true riches and you will know and receive them because you seek me. Tarry my child and wait till the revelation comes, for it will surely come – like rivers of water flowing out of your belly – torrents and waves of glory. You will see it, for I am a great God that you serve and my rewards are with me.

“Come and bow down before me. Humble yourself under my mighty hand that I may lift you up to be with me for eternity. Bow before me my child that I may lift you up. Submit and yield to me that I may cover you with my skirt of love and overwhelm you with my Spirit. Let me wrap you with my love – let me cover and adorn you with my beauty. Stand still, sit still and wait for me to move, for me to speak, for me to fill you and overwhelm you with my goodness. I am your father; that means you are everything I am. Everything that I am and have and do is in you. You possess it. Walk in it and possess it, for it is yours.”

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