Using My Imagination to See the Book of Revelation

“Reveal the book of Revelation to me.” I asked again (as I have so many, many times!), going through it once more. “There are so many pictures and images. It’s so complicated! What do they all mean?” I moaned, imagining myself kneeling before Him and kissing the palm of His hand. He lifted me up into His arms and caressed my hair, sending shivers through my body. I looked up into His face. “You are so beautiful!” His love, goodness, kindness, grace, peace joy, mercy and all the magnificent virtues of His name emanated brightly from His being like the sun. “Use your imagination to imagine yourself there and I will meet you there and show you what everything is and means.” He instructed. “Jesus what if I see things wrong?” I queried. ”You won’t see them wrong if you hold my hand. Let me lead. Wait and watch.” He reassured me. We seemed to walk through what might have been a hallway (it was hazy) and then through a portal.

I read Revelation 22 while His hand held mine. It made me feel so good! A beautiful scene of hills, rivers, grass, and trees with fruit was before us. He put His hand up and behind one of the fruit hanging from the tree to examine it. The way He held it up slightly with the back of His hand aroused me. I gazed into His eyes. “We’re not going to get very far.” I laughed, inserting myself into His arms. “Lord you have me. You have my full attention. You’re the most interesting thing here!” I declared. He smiled. We kissed tenderly while I softly caressed His robes on His chest and arms and gazed into His lovely face. “You’re so beautiful Jesus! I just want to kiss you and be held by you in your loving arms.” I sighed. As I read Revelation 22:14 I asked Him: “Grant me the grace to do your commandments that I may have right to the tree of life.” “You are the tree of life, my love.” He smiled sweetly.

When He said these words, pictures and revelation flashed before my eyes. The tree of life “In the midst” of the garden in Genesis is now the tree “in the midst” of the street in Revelation. “In the midst” He is the life flowing in the midst of her bowels, her womb, her belly, filling her with living waters. “On either side” is the bride leaning into His heart. I saw a picture of a wedding procession where the bride is holding onto His arm, head on His chest. “Yielded her fruit” is the bride, pregnant with life, bringing forth His life continually. The “leaves of the tree for the healing of the nations” are the same leaves originally used for man’s glory and personal gain, now used to heal the very wounds caused by them. The leaves are her hands. Healing power is coming out of her hands.

The “servants” mentioned throughout the chapters are separate from the bride. She is with Him at His side on the throne. They are the ones receiving the rewards spoken of in Revelation 22:12 “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” are for His servants. .” The bride is already with Him as we see in Revelation 22:17 “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” The bride and the Spirit are saying the same thing as Jesus in Revelation 21:6: “And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.” When Jesus says “It is done,” He is saying the same thing when He said “It is finished” on the cross. The bride has been birthed, created, grown, matured, married and is now His. “You are with me and in me. I am your reward. That’s why the Spirit and bride say, Come. Drink. You are in me and I am in you. This is your exceeding great reward: Enjoying me forever.” He said. “O Jesus I like that! I really like that!” I sighed.

We walked over a bridge. I could see the river of life flowing for miles in both directions. He leaned against the side and brought me to Himself with His arms. We embraced tenderly. “O Jesus you’re all I want to think about and look at.” I sighed. “This is going to be so hard.” I said referring to imagining being in the book of Revelation with Him. “Rest in me, my love.” He smiled. “You just have to be with me and follow me. Just be in me. As you enjoy me, revelation will come effortlessly and easily.” He looked over the bridge and dove into the water. I followed. We laughed, swam and played in the river.

While reading Revelation 22:2, I imagined myself entering into the river of life. “Take me into the river of life – into the river of your love! Transform me. Change me.” I asked. We entered, swam, danced and lay down in it, embracing tenderly.

I thought about Lucifer’s five “I wills” and the Lord asked me a question that had never occurred to me. “Why did Lucifer think that this is what being like God is like? Why didn’t he want to be like God in his nature and character? Because he had the heart of a beast.”

I read through Revelation in the hopes that this new revelation would help me understand, but it was still just as confusing to me as ever. I wept and asked the Lord to reveal this book to me, as I have asked many times.

“I will show you the book but you must do what I ask. You must sit before each chapter and verse and imagine yourself in it with me. I will come in to be with you and take you through it, and show you and reveal to you what it means. Come with me, my love, and I will show you what the book means. But you must come into it with me, walk through it with me. I am the book. It is me. It is my story from Genesis to Revelation. You can only understand it if you walk with me. Walk with me, my love. Hold my hand and I will lead you through it. Your eyes will be opened and you will understand.”

I turned to the first chapter and began to read. I heard the Lord speak these words to me as I reached each verse He referred to:

Revelation 1:1: “First, it is a revelation of Jesus Christ. If you don’t understand that, you won’t understand the book.”

Revelation 1:4: “Second, ‘which is, which was and is to come’. It is a three dimensional book, seen from the perspective of ‘I am, I was, I will be’, passing through all of time. It is not just one thing – it is ‘all in one’. The symbols represent many things. That’s why they are symbols. You must understand the patterns. This is the key.”

Revelation1:4: “Third key, the book is about the seven churches. The book was sent to them. The letters represent the issues that come up in the rest of the book.”

I continued reading the book of Revelation. When I reached Revelation 1:13: “girt about the paps with a golden girdle”, He said “I am holding my breasts” and Revelation 14: “His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow”“I am showing my purity.” “His eyes as a flame of fire”“I am showing my passion;” ”His feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace” – “my judgment;” ”His voice as the sound of many waters “My voice encompassing and filling all things;” “out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and His countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength”“my ability to pierce the heart with truth by the strength of my nature.”

I continued my time with the Lord in Revelation.

Revelation1:18: “I have the keys to everything that would bind you and limit you and separate you from me.”

Revelation 2:4-5: “They have forgotten me, the fountain of living waters – to drink of me, my presence of love, joy and peace. I am love, pure love. Without me and my presence there is no true love anywhere at any time. I am the constant, the great stabilizer, the rock. From me flows all that is good – kindness, mercy compassion – without these, without me, they labor in vain that build. For if I am not present, the kingdom is not present and therefore the work of the kingdom, the building of the kingdom, is not being done. Rest in me, in my love, is the only way to build my kingdom. My kingdom is love because I am love. There is no other kingdom on which to build my church. For love is me. I am love and my kingdom is built on love.”

“You are so beautiful Lord.” I kneeled before Him and kissed His hands, gazing into His beautiful shining face. He lifted me up and we walked hand in hand.

Revelation 2:5: “Loving me is a work that I reward more than any other work. Loving me is the highest work man can do. There is nothing greater that man can attain to than loving me with all his heart – there is no greater work. There is no other work that is more necessary than this. It is the good part. That which you have desired, my love – to love me fully and completely – and it shall not be taken from you.”

Revelation 2:7: “To eat of the tree of life is not the same as being the tree of life. These shall partake of the beautiful words of the bride, as you are doing. They are the little sister that has no breasts. As they continue and grow they will become my bride, my tree of life, as you have done. There are steps and levels because there are rewards with each step and level. Continue on my love. Come closer. Come closer to me. I desire you. Come.”

Revelation 2:10: “Ten is the number of my divine order. My divine order has a rhythm, the ebb and flow of my heart. The rhythm of my heart is the cadence of the universe, the score by which all proceeds through time and in time, by which everything flows. The beat of my heart is the dance of life. Those who are faithful will dance with me, to the beat of my heart, forever.”

Revelation 2:12: “The sharp sword with two edges is my truth.”

Revelation 2:14: “Eating things sacrificed to idols is listening to things that exalt anything else above me. It is hearing teachings and doctrines of men, expounding upon things they understand not, promoting thoughts and ideas and images that are not me, nor my ways and therefore false – lies of the enemy. Whenever they exalt themselves and their riches above me and my thoughts and ways, idols are created and served and worshipped. If I am not there, you can be sure an idol is present – the vacuum must be filled, the gap must be closed, the hole must be made whole. Then the fornication takes place. This is a giving over of themselves, their hearts, bodies and minds, and eventually their whole being to these ideas, images, goals in the hopes of attaining to their heights and becoming something beautiful and glorious in their own wisdom and strength. This is not me. I require the whole burnt offering – the living sacrifice – the sacrifice of a life lived only for me, in me and through me so that my life is in your flesh, my essence, my way, my thoughts are alive in you, moving in you, energizing you directing you, leading you always into my heart, my mind, my spirit – totally consumed by my presence, my words, my ways, my thought, my being. This is my kingdom – to be totally immersed in me such that you are me in every situation, circumstance and moment of your life. This is my revelation. It is my revelation in your flesh – my very life as your life – living, moving and being in me, always. There is nothing like it. There is no counterfeit – you cannot deny my presence in your flesh. There is no denying it. My presence is indescribable and glorious, inspiring awe and pure rage. There is no middle ground. It is the inspiration of abundant, pure and holy life for those who seek me or the work of death for those who refuse me. My love, this is your goal – for me to be in your flesh, totally and completely – fully – nothing less. Let me in. Let me come inside you fully. You will never regret it. I can assure you.”

Revelation 2:16: “I fight against these things. I resist them with the words of my love. I cut through the lies.”

Revelation 2:17: ”The hidden manna – this is my word, the word that I have stored up from the foundation of the world for them – the truth that will set them free. Suddenly I will speak and they will know me – they will know who I am – the truth of who I am – the white stone – they will see me in my whiteness, my purity and holiness and they will know the right way of doing and being in me. They will not follow the evil ways and doctrines of demons and the new nature, my name, that I have ascribed for them will be revealed in them to them – as I have revealed to you your new name – you are my bride. I am in love with you as you are in love with me. We are one flesh – the tree of life – one flesh in me.”

Revelation 2:20: “The prophetess is the spirit of delusion, seduction, seducing my people into believing lies – things that are not true about me, my ways and how I think. Presenting false images of me, about my nature and character that are not of the right spirit or in the right Spirit. I am holy. These defile my nature and my name. They corrupt my name and my holiness by their own filth. It is such a stench to my nostrils. These sacrifices are the worst for they are truly hideous to me and the darkness is truly black.”

Revelation 2:22: “The bed is a place of tight and clearly defined boundaries, a place of closeness with what you carry inside you, where there is no denying what is inside you – what you carry in your heart. It is a place of revelation of what is truly in your heart. It is a place where it is totally undeniable, for it is revealed, a place of revelation of what is truly in your heart – the deepest darkest places of your heart – all is exposed and brought to the light. There is nothing hidden here. The bed is a place of exposure, of nakedness. For the blankets uncover your nakedness. The comfort and stillness unveil and unmask the heart – it is unable to hide what is truly there in the bed.”

He said the following as I continued to walk the book of Revelation with Him:

Revelation 2:28: “The morning star is me manifesting in you, in your heart.”

Revelation 3:2: “Only my works are perfect. Only works done in me, with me and by me are perfect.”

Revelation 3:5: “White raiment is my purity and holiness.”

Revelation 3:7: “This is your scripture, my love. This is for you. My heart is open – wide open to you. Come into me and I will come into you. You have the key to my heart. I have given it to you. Come let us share intimacies together. Let us be one – of one mind, heart and spirit.”

Revelation 3:12: “You know what these names are. You are right, husband and wife. You shall be living with me in my temple. I will be surrounding you with my glory. We will be one in love with my Father’s blessing.”

Revelation 3:18: “The gold is my nature. The only way to obtain it is through pressure – trials and tribulation. The raiment is my righteousness that I bestow upon those who have received me as their all in all.”

Revelation 3:20: “I stand and knock when the heart is closed to me. Your heart is open to me, my love, therefore my heart is open to you. When they finally come to me, I come but my heart is closed to them until such time as the Father tells me otherwise. Every work has rewards or costs – such is the Father’s will and judgments.”

Revelation 5:1: “Each person is a book with seven seals. I am the only one who can open a person up to read – be what I created them to be. Only I have the power to make them come alive to my will – to raise them up out of their sleep into my perfect purpose for them – to make them alive to my purpose and please me.”

Revelation 6:1: “The white horse represents my power to overwhelm and conquer the human spirit.”

Revelation 6:4: “The red horse represents my power to bring disturbance and death to all things that are not me in the earth, the flesh of man.”

Revelation 6:5-6: “The black horse represents my just measures and weights in determining whether someone will be wheat or barley and how much growth and maturity in the spirit they will be able to attain to.”

Revelation 6:7-8: “The pale horse represents my authority to separate all that is not me.”

Revelation 6:9-11: “My covering rest is rewarded to those who allow me to slay the life of their soul in order that they may live for me, in me and through me.”

Revelation 6:12: “Lack of obedience and submission to the death results in me having to shake and release from their spirit, soul and body that in which they are relying, trusting in and covering themselves with – the systems, institutions, beliefs and ideologies – all idols that they hold in higher esteem above me. All these things must be removed out of their place that I may take my place on the throne of their hearts. No one can stand in my holy wrath and zeal to remove all that is not me and mine.”

Revelation 7:1-4: “A sealing comes to those whom I have tried, tested, proved and purified – those who have yielded themselves to my purification process and obeyed my commandments. I am become to them a well of living water springing up from within them and they eat only from the true bread of life that comes from heaven. They have my mind. They understand and know my thoughts and ways.”

I have tried walking through the book of Revelation with Jesus as He suggested I do, but every time I see Him, I am so drawn to Him that all my attention is totally focused on Him. “O Jesus, when I’m with you I don’t care about anything else. I just want to love you. I just want to enjoy you.” I confessed. “I like that!” He answered. “You belong here in my arms. I created you to live here. This is where I created you to live – in my arms!” He repeated. “O let me feel your joy Lord. I want to live in your joy.” I pleaded, putting my head on His chest and listening to His heart. “I wish you would put your hand on my forehead and say, ‘Receive the book of Revelation’ so I could see it the way you see it.” I said, lifting His hand up to my forehead. “Receive the book of Revelation.” He said, smiling sweetly. “O Jesus, how I love you!” I sighed, kissing Him tenderly.

I understood that God’s Word is a large stone and man’s words are tiny grains of sand. The gates of pearl in New Jerusalem are formed when God’s Word, His river of life, flows over the sand of man’s words, in the same manner as an oyster produces a pearl from a grain of sand. The pearl is formed when we try and test every doctrine and teaching, going over and over it in our mind with the truth of God’s word. The truth of God’s Word that He speaks to me personally will produce a pearl in each one of the gates of my spirit, soul and body that I open completely up to Him. The pearls are formed as He flows freely through my wide open gates over all the words of men. So beautiful! “Let the King of glory come in and out of my wide open gates!” I asked.

The walls indicate that God is ruling my spirit. “I am a wall” means that my spirit is ruling my soul and body because it is in submission under the rule and authority of God’s Spirit. My whole being is under a hedge of protection, under His covering, because of my obedience and alignment under His leadership and lordship of my life. He is Lord and He rules in my being as the supreme master and commander. He keeps me in Him, protected both internally and externally, from all enemies.

I read Revelation 21:27 and imagined myself kneeling before Him kissing the Lamb’s book of life that was in His hand. The outside cover was a sparkling and glistening emerald green and the inside was thick and filled with gold pages. When He lifted me up, I hugged Him tightly and inhaled Him into me deeply. “I missed you! My heart aches to be with you.” I sighed. He smiled, took my hand and walked with me through a meadow. Then I saw us running through it and along the shores of a beach.

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