Use Your Imagination

“I am here with you, in you, on you, all around you. I am making myself known to you. Slowly, you are beginning to see me and hear me. I am enlarging your heart to receive me more fully. Continue to use your imagination to see me in the spirit. I am with you, leading you, guiding you, directing you to my heart. Come and be with me. Imagine me with you all the time, for I am. Come to me and rest in my arms. You are welcome any time you wish to be with me. Just come. I am always here. Come to our garden and smell the fresh fragrances and spices of our love. Come and be refreshed by the sound of our hearts beating in unity as one. Our hearts beat for each other and they are at rest in each other’s company. There is peace when we are together in each other’s arms. There is joy in sweet fellowship and intimacy. There is pleasure in looking into each other’s eyes and kissing each other’s lips. Yes, you can kiss me any time you want. I love your kisses.”

“I want you Jesus. I want you with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength and everything that is within me. Help me Jesus. Help me to control what I watch and what I hear, what I feel and what I think about. Teach me how to use my imagination to draw near to you, to be with you, to be in you, to enlarge our experience together in our garden. Help me to keep myself holy and undefiled. Help me not to listen to the devil’s lies – to keep him out of our garden. I need your help. Help me. Change my tastes. Change what I desire, what I am attracted to, what gives me pleasure. Give me the same tastes as you. Please cause me to like and dislike, to love and hate the same things as you. Please put your thoughts in my mind and your desires in my heart. Please cause me to deeply understand and know you in the deepest possible way that I can possibly understand and know you as a created being. Jesus, I want to be in you and I want you to be in me. Please cause this to happen – cause this to manifest now Lord. I want you in me in all the most fullness that is possible. Please Lord, come in me. Come Lord Jesus. Come. I want you. I want you in me Jesus. Please come.”

“Thank you for teaching me how to use my imagination to access and experience you. Teach me how to touch you through my thoughts. Teach me how to feel you and taste you.” I really felt Him impress this into my spirit: “You touch me through your thoughts. You see me through your imagination.”

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