Though It Tarry, Wait for It

Throughout much of my initial times of waiting before the Lord, so many of these thoughts assailed me, “I still don’t have an answer to what I should be doing right now. What should I be doing? Should I be learning how to pray? I have been trying for many years with little success and many failures. What am I doing wrong? Please tell me because after all these years I still don’t know how to pray in a way that you will answer my prayers. What is the key to answered prayer? I suppose it would be faith. But you know I have been exercising all the faith you have given me in the many trials that have befallen me over the years. The real key is you because you are the author and finisher of faith. You are the source of everything; of all life and everything that is. So what am I supposed to be doing right now? Every time I think I’m making any head way I feel like I fall back even further than I ever went forward. God, what is your will for my life? What should I be doing? I’m not doing anything every day for a long time now. The hours, the minutes, the days go by and my times is wasted. I feel wasted, I am wasted. Day in and day out I stare out the window wondering when is my God going to deliver me and set me free? When am I going to be filled with my Lord’s abundant life and joy? When is my God going to show me the way and give meaning and purpose to my life? God! Where are you in my life? If I am not in the right place then put me there! Just do it Lord! Whatever it is that needs changing or correcting, please do it! I have no answers for you Lord, no excuses. I am a failure. I am nothing! But, if you choose, you can make me a success! You can make me something special. Please do it. Speak the word Lord of blessing, success and victory upon my life and it is mine. Lord, what is it that I have to do to get you to do this in my life?”

His response: “Praise me. Sing to me with your beautiful voice. Show me your praise, your confidence in my ability to do what I have said. Trust in my voice, in my ability to communicate with you and let you know if it’s not me. Be sure of what you ask for and do not waver. You know what I mean. You can feel it in your spirit when you are right on and you receive. You are right, there have not been many answers to your prayers but you received answers when your mind was single. You knew what you wanted and you were focused. I will teach you how to pray but my way, not your way. Let go and stop trying so hard. Come to me and desire my company. I will do the rest. Believe in me and my ability to do it all through you. Never mind that your time is wasted. It is not yours anyway. Time belongs to me. Don’t you know that a good wine is aged? With time there develops the sweet flavor, a sweet savor to the Lord; just sitting there and aging, “maturing” is what they call it.

“Listen, child. You are mine. Believe this. I hold you in my hand. Your life is mine. I will show you everything you need to know to live a successful life in Christ if you let me teach you. Let me teach you. Relax. Sit down. Listen and wait for me to speak. Wait for me to do in your life what I want to do – what you want me to do – deliver you! Stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord. A mighty deliverance! A powerful deliverance! The Lord will be glorified! Don’t you know that the Lord is God and there is no other! I have not seen any other like me! Look at me! Stand still and look at me. See. I will be glorified. Only believe. Believe in my work and do not doubt. Though it tarry, wait for it; for the fulfillment of my word shall surely come. It shall not return to me void.

“I love you. Don’t you know that the Lord looks after His children? You have been through a time of deep trial and testing. I am the Lord that formed you. I am the potter and I mold the clay. Listen to me. Listen. Listen to the clay in my hands. It is soft and moist, filled with the living water, ready for molding. It will not break when it is soft and pliable. You will not break. I will strengthen you through the furnace of affliction. I will make you hard and strong, strong as the strongest steel; able to stand, stand before the enemy, before the world, before all who oppose you. Stand and you will not be ashamed. Stand and I will show you great and mighty things that you know not. Stand I say and watch. Stand and be delivered. Stand I say for your God is alive. He is not dead. He has heard your cries and He is come that you might be free from sin and death, so live. Live that you may proclaim the Word of the Lord. Live that I may shed my glory abroad in your heart that all may know and see that I am the Lord. I will be glorified. Don’t you know that I heal you? I wound and I heal. Surely I will heal your broken heart. I will mend your wounds. I will put strength in you. I live and my life I give to you that your joy may be full. Believe in me and I will do it. Believe in me and I will perform it. I have tarried. I have waited. Surely as you have waited, I have waited. Don’t you know that the precious fruit must ripen on the tree before it is good to eat? So you must ripen on the vine that you may be filled and bursting with joy and flavor, the living Word bursting forth from every bite of that fruit.

“Listen to me, my child. I have not forgotten you. On the contrary, I have spent much time, as you well know, fashioning you and molding you into a perfect vessel in my kingdom. Know this: I do not make trash. Every vessel in my kingdom is expertly crafted, expertly taken care of and labored over. Every fine detail is not overlooked. Nothing is too small to give the most undivided and total attention. The vessel must be perfect as I am perfect. The vessel must be hard and strong so that my glory can be contained in it and overflow from it. Don’t you know that a vessel must be pure and holy? Do you know what that means? Do you know how much time and labor it takes to purify the vessel and make it holy? Read the Old Testament and see what I commanded my people for purification and holiness. I am not a God of second rate conscripts. I am a first rate God and all my vessels are captains and leaders. There are no foot soldiers; that’s for boot camp training. All of my officers hold the highest ranks. All of them are number 1, top, the best. Don’t you know that it takes time to expertly craft a vessel? Time and patience and lots of waiting. Waiting and timing is the most important part. If you do not have these you cannot win a war, you cannot fashion a vessel. Listen to me. The vessel is almost ready. The time is near when I will test the vessel to see if it will hold my glory. Wait for it and watch. Be ready. For the time of testing must surely come to pass.

“You are ready. I will strengthen you and see you through. Hold on to my Word and do not waver. Do not waver. For the Lord your God will see you through. He will be there. He will strengthen you and He will come with His reward. Don’t you know that you will not be ashamed? Only believe and stand with your face like a flint. Stand and be delivered from the lion’s mouth for your deliverance is at hand. It will surely come. Though it tarry, wait for it. Watch I say and wait. Be patient for the Lord your God will lift up His hand and fight for you. It is a time of testing and duress. Learn of me. I will show you the ways of the Lord. I will show you how to fight my battles and win! I will give you victory!”

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