This is Real

I stood in front of my bedroom window just before going to bed. “I miss you.” I said. “I miss you too.” He replied, coming up behind me and putting His arms around me. I was thinking how much people’s lives change when they see Him face to face. “Just because I’m not appearing to you face to face doesn’t mean it’s any less real.” He stated. I felt so drawn to Him that I turned to hug and kiss Him tenderly. “I want to have this kind of relationship with you. This desire you have is coming from me. Just because it’s going on in your imagination doesn’t make it any less real. This is simply the form of communication I have chosen for you – for us – because it is the best way for us to relate to each other as concerns the matters of the heart – the deep things.” He explained.

“Jesus, I’m so glad you’re talking to me. I love hearing your voice.” I sighed. “I live in your heart, my love. Therefore, we can freely speak and be together without restraint or boundaries. There are rules and protocols for every type of appearance with me. Every form is like a different language. Different rules apply. We can go anywhere and do anything in the realm of our hearts. There are no limits to what we can experience together. Focus on my heart for you and you will never be disappointed. I am always here in your heart, waiting for you to come to me with your thoughts.” He encouraged me. “I’m so scared this is going to end Lord.” I confessed. “We’re just beginning. You’ve barely scratched the surface of what I have for you. Come. Spend time with me. I’m waiting for you to come to me.” He opened His arms to me and we hugged again. I felt Him impress on my spirit: “I am showing you the movements of your heart. These visions are teaching you how to see in the Spirit.”

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