The Living Boat

“I just want to be with Him.” I said to myself, deciding what to do before going to sleep in my bed. “Jesus, I want to get to that place where you know me intimately.” I said, searching for Him in my spirit. Then I saw Him clearly. He stood in a boat at the end of a long pier waiting for me to come to Him. I walked down the pier. He held out His hand to me as I stepped into the boat. “O Wow!” I exclaimed, looking at the water and scenery around us. I could not see the end of it in the horizon. He smiled and invited me to sit beside Him in the back. The boat moved forward at His will. I realized the boat was alive and had a personality and responded to His desire. “O wow!” I repeated when He put His arm around me. I leaned into His chest enjoying the gentle wind moving across our faces. The movement of the boat was so soothing – it felt like a whole-body massage. The wind was so soothing it felt like a facial massage and the water seemed to be laughing as the boat made waves and splashes. Combined with all the beautiful sites it was truly a sensory feast that was extremely pleasing in every way. It’s like waves of His love, peace and joy rolled over me. “O wow!” I declared a third time. “You sure know how to romance a girl!” I beamed a huge smile. “Wait till you see what I have planned for you.” He said with an even bigger smile.

The boat kept going straight over the waves like it was a fish, flexing and jumping slightly through the water. I could feel its joy. I thought about my first thought just before I saw Him in this vision and wondered if that’s why He was here with me so clearly. “I just want to be with you Lord.” I said to Him. “I just want to be with you too.” He responded.

The boat became a fish with fins and a face and went under the water even though we were still sitting in it like we were in a boat. It was so weird and fun. We passed over beautiful coral reefs teaming with fish. I was so happy that I could see the water as clear. “It’s so beautiful Lord!” I exclaimed. “Not as beautiful as you.” He replied, kissing me. “Not as beautiful as you.” I repeated, looking at Him with a big smile. His hair was moving in the water making Him look even more beautiful than ever. I leaned over the side of the boat to get a closer look at the coral reefs. He put His arm around me and pointed in the distance, swimming out of the boat in that direction. We swam just above the coral reefs. It was then that I really noticed the fantastic colors and designs of the fish. They were in so many beautiful shapes and colors. We swam hand in hand as He led me through this amazing visual feast and delight to the eyes. So beautiful!

The boat swam around the coral reefs to the place where we now were. Jesus brought us back into it. As soon as we sat in the back, it raced speedily up and down and side to side like we were on a giant roller coaster. It was so much fun! After a while it went straight up, splashing up and out of the water and then landing on it, continuing to swerve from side to side like a racehorse relaxing after a race. “Thank you so much! That was amazing!” I exclaimed “I know how much you like Disney rides. They are fun. I enjoy them very much especially with you and seeing the joy on your face gives me joy.”

The sun shone brightly on the waters. Little sparkles flickered everywhere on the surface – so beautiful! Huge mountains and cliffs were on the left of us. The waves came in sideways, moving us up and down as the shore was on our left. “Thank you for letting me get to know you more.” I said gratefully. “I so wish you would tell me what’s going to happen in my physical life. How much longer am I going to live?” I asked. “I’ve got it all taken care of. Do you trust me?” “Yes, I trust you. Now that I’ve got to know you more and how wonderful, loving, kind and amazing you are. Yes, I trust you. I know now that you love me, and you want the best for me. I know that you are good and kind and merciful and gentle and meek. You are more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. Yes, I trust you. Please fill me with yourself Jesus.” “I’m doing that right now. Every time we are together I deposit more of myself in you.” He answered.“ O wow! Thanks Lord. I love you.”

I was surprised at how clearly, I saw His eyes this time when I looked into His face. Usually it’s not always that clear. “Look at me.” He said. “Jesus I’m scared.” My body trembled. His eyes were deep like you could see eternity in them. Anything you could ever want to know, or experience was in His eyes: almost like TV but way better of course – a million times better and way more than that! “Look.” He repeated as my thoughts had led me away from looking at His eyes. “What do you see?” He asked. “I see beauty.” I replied. “I see love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, compassion, majesty, light, truth. I see ‘the deep.’ Your eyes are the most beautiful color of blue I have ever seen. They sparkle like there are stars or bright shining crystals in your eyes. Like the universe is in your eyes.” I thought about the galaxies and stars and outer space. “Look into my eyes and we can go there now.” He said in response to my thoughts. “You can travel by looking into my eyes.“ He revealed. “Oh, I didn’t know that.” I replied, thinking about what that meant. “You can when I open the door.” He answered. “Try it. Hold my hands and feel my eyes. Look into my eyes. Enter into my eyes.” “Jesus help me. I’ve never done this before.” I tried to focus by holding tightly to His hands. Then I concentrated my attention on looking deep into His eyes. The next thing I knew I was swimming through His eye. There was a pure white light above me, and I was taken up into it.

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