Seeing Him with My Imagination

Before I sat down to spend time with Him, I felt His presence. I saw Him standing behind me, praying with me, speaking the words I was saying and then sitting beside me as I sat on the bed. Immediately a scene appeared in my mind as I lay down. We were sitting in a little veranda style tent at a small white metal table formed by a floral motif. “I made this just for you.” He said as a wonderful filet mignon with a garden salad and beautiful potato side appeared on an elegant plate in front of me. I could taste it as we both ate. “This is so good!” I exclaimed. A glass of wine appeared next to me. It was a different color than I’ve ever seen – almost dark amber, blood orange and scarlet – a remarkable color. “I made this for you.” He smiled as He picked up His glass and lifted it up towards me. “Thank you for teaching me how to enjoy wine Jesus. I am so grateful. Thank you.” I took a sip. It was so sweet. I felt its bubbling life and tingling warmth go into me. We continued eating. He seemed to really be enjoying His meal.

“Thank you so much for giving me these visions Lord. I love being with you. This is better than all the studies and revelations you continue to give me because I can feel you and see you and be with you.” He looked at me deeply in my eyes with a beautiful smile like He was checking to see if I really meant what I said but didn’t say a word. I had been thinking about how important our words are to Him. I felt in my spirit that these words were important to Him. “Please appear to me or give me a vivid dream so I can see your face more clearly and go deeper with you in my imagination.” I sensed in my spirit that if He did this the visions would not continue as they did and it was not time yet for this to happen. “There is an appointed time for my appearing.” He said reassuringly. “I guess you’re not going to give me any dates are you?” I sighed. I felt in my spirit that this is why I’m studying numbers – so He can communicate with me more deeply, frequently and I can hear Him more reliably.

I looked at the beautiful view. From where we sat there was a river flowing to our right and a forest of fir trees in the distance to the left behind a large meadow. The grass was a golden yellow. The trees to the left of the river were glorious colors of golden yellow, orange and red. It looked like fall but it didn’t feel like fall. Some leaves were floating in the wind. Sensing I wanted to walk with Him, He got up, took my hand and led me out of the veranda onto a path along the river.

I turned to Him before we reached the forest. “I love you so much!” I declared. “I wish I had known I could be with you in my imagination years ago Jesus. This is so wonderful!” I hugged Him and buried my face in His soft white robes. We hugged each other, softly caressing our arms and backs. There was a peaceful breeze that was so soothing. I looked up at Him. He bent His head down slowly and gently kissed my lips. We embraced tenderly, then returned to the veranda to finish our meal.

Sensing I wanted to hold Him close to me, He got up from the table, as did I, and opened His arms out to me. I caressed His arms. “You are so beautiful Jesus. Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with you today. I am so grateful for every vision you allow me to have with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so!” I bent down and kissed His feet. As I kissed the nail marks, I saw Him on the cross and kissed His body as He hung there completely covered in His own blood, repeating “I love you” and floating upwards towards His face. I whispered “I love you” in His ears several times wondering if He could hear me and feel this love from His bride comforting Him while He was on the cross.

Then I was back in His arms. We embraced tenderly again. “I love kissing you Jesus.” I whispered. “Please increase my love for you. Let me feel your love for me more deeply.” I felt Him put His hand through my body, slowly surround my heart, and massage it softly. “Oh Lord it feels so good when you do that!” I sighed in ecstasy. It is the most incredible feeling in the world! I cannot move I am so overwhelmed with pleasure! He breathed into my mouth and I breathed His breathe into me as He breathed my breath when I exhaled, heightening the experience for me.

When He removed His hand I was able to stand up again. I had been laying down on the air without falling to the ground while He massaged my heart. I looked at Him and said, “Oh Jesus, I don’t want this vision to end.” In response to overwhelming emotions rising up within me, I ran out of the tent, jumped into the air and flew across the meadow, over the river. He laughed and joined me. “Please take me somewhere Jesus.” I asked. He took me back through the sea and into the temple of yesterday’s vision. “Oh Lord, this is so incredible! It’s so amazing that this is what my heart looks like now! What a difference between this and my heart cave. Thank you!” I turned to Him, kissed Him and gave Him a big hug.

I knew the vision was ending soon but I was trying everything I could to keep it going. The scene changed back to the meadow we had just left. We stood facing each other. I held His waist. “Jesus, I can’t imagine that you would create lips and not want to use them to kiss your bride. I can’t imagine having lips and not using them to kiss your lips.” I repeated this several times in different ways as I caressed His lips with mine. The vision was fading. “Oh Lord I don’t want to leave this vision.” “You have studies to do.” He said tenderly. “It’s time for you to go.” I knew He was right but I so didn’t want it to end.

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