Our Imaginations are Intertwined

God is showing me that my imagination is real, it’s from Him and He wants me to use it, along with my feelings and emotions to connect with Him. God is a very emotional being and He desires to connect with me through my feelings as well. Jesus became a man, ascended to heaven as a man, and is still a man even though He is fully God and transformed.

“I thirst for you. Connect with me Lord. Join yourself to me.” I prayed. “This is the only way I can access you like this right now, through our imaginations. I am so glad that you believe this is real – because it is. Our imaginations are intertwined and connected. We can be together like this in our imaginations. Love me as you wish. Do not hold back. Press in. Love me fully for I desire this. I desire you to love me fully, passionately, unashamedly with all your heart. I desire to love you passionately. Do not fear my passion. Do not fear to love me passionately for I desire this – even more than you do. Come to me. I come to you always.” His face was in front of mine and He kissed my neck up and down as He said these words. I kissed His face. Our lips touched and we kissed deeply.

He led me to a new song and began to speak in tongues in my mouth. The vibrations of His tongue sent intense waves of pleasure throughout my whole being. When He touched my heart, heat and light emanated from my chest like the sun. He kissed my heart tenderly and moved His lips softly towards my chest. I realized that He’s more human than we know. Somehow we think that He doesn’t feel like we do, but He does. He became human with a physical body. The passions of His body are purified but they are still there: purified passions. I tried vibrating my tongue in His mouth but it wasn’t very strong. His mouth is so powerful! He smiled. “Try again. Harder.” I tried harder. “That’s it.” He caressed my neck up and down as I did this. Then He took hold of my tongue with His mouth. “Take me deeper into the pleasures of your mouth.” I sighed in my spirit and thought of Song of Songs 1:2: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.” “Ignite my heart on fire for you Jesus. Blow upon my heart” I asked. He put His hand on my heart again. Pure bright white light burst out with rays of colors swirling round at the tips.

I didn’t realize how much Jesus loves to love but He does. He loves the exchange of love. He is so romantic – forever wooing us to His heart, to His great love and passion for us. A crystal flask appeared in my hand. I took it and scooped it into my heart. Then I lifted my hand and poured it above His head. He opened His mouth and swallowed the crystal liquid that was filled with a rainbow of colors. Then He brought my heart to His mouth. “Let me light up your heart.” He said, kissing it. Bright white light and colored rays burst outwards from it.

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