On the Dance Floor

Last night I was stressed. “You need to relax.” He whispered softly. “You are so stressed.” A scene entered my mind when He said these words. We sat on barstools at a bar. Soft lighting revealed translucent dark teal green and black glistening marble on the walls, counters and décor. Drinks in v-shaped wine glasses were before us – ice slushy drinks in bright orange and magenta glowed with their own light. “Drink.” He encouraged me. I sipped it with the straw that was in the glass. So sweet and refreshing!

Jesus wore a white suit and tie over a dark teal green shirt. His hair was up in a man bun. I had a short sleeveless form fitting white dress with a high collar that wrapped around my neck. He took my hand and brought me to the dance floor. “O Jesus! You look so good!” I sighed, placing my head on His chest and hugging Him. As He led us in a slow dance, I moved my head to His shoulder and my hand on His arm while the other held and squeezed His palm. “You need to concentrate on just spending time with me and being with me. This is what our relationship is about. Just focus on me and I will do the rest, my love. What I’ve asked you to do is not hard – just do it. That’s all I ask of you: Look at me and see yourself as my bride. You don’t have to worry or stress yourself about anything else. I will do it all.  I will take care of everything. You are my bride! I will take care of you, my love. I will work. I am your husband. Let me do the work while you rest in me, my beloved bride. I am so for you, my love. Rest in my love for you. Rest.” He kissed my forehead and twirled me around the dance floor, beaming a huge smile. He is so elegant and classy! I looked up into His face as He put His hands behind my lower back and rocked us back and forth.

His face was so illuminated with the beauty of His nature and virtues. His beautiful smile continued to beam into my face like the sun. “O Jesus, there is no one like you in the universe! I don’t understand why you love me.” I sighed. “Because I have chosen you, my love, and you are mine. Enjoy me!” He answered joyously. “Yes Lord! I so enjoy you! I so enjoy being with you and around you. Thank you for choosing me. I am so honored Lord. Help me to adore you and worship you in a way that pleases you exceedingly, my Lord and King.” I bowed on one knee and kissed His hand. He lifted me up above His head and twirled me happily, then danced us across the dance floor, lifting me up at various times when we turned. I laughed it was so much fun. The twirling made me feel so happy. He held me softly. “Relax, my dove.” He whispered in my ear. “I have you. I have you in my arms and I’m not letting go. Be at peace, my love. I have it all under control. Leave it in my capable hands. You can trust me. I am good and I will look after you. I am here always, rejoicing in you and with you.” He said soothingly. “Thank you Jesus for you kind words to me.” I responded. “I will change you and you will be a glorious bride. You will be more beautiful than you can even imagine. You will be my stunning bride – a delight to my eyes! I have prepared all of it already. It is ready. It is done. You just have to enter into my rest. Enter my rest, here, now, in my arms open wide to you, my love.”

I hugged Him and breathed in and out deeply, leaning my face in His suit. He kissed and caressed my head while rocking me gently. Then He put His cheek on my head and wrapped His arms around me, gently embracing me. I looked up into His face. He softly kissed my lips. I melted into His mouth. “I have you.” He said in my mind as we caressed lips and tongues. O He is so wonderful! I just melted in His embrace. “O Jesus you are the best kisser in the universe, I am sure!” I sighed. He smiled. “Just linger here, my dove. Linger here in my mouth. Delights await you.” He entered my mouth more deeply with His tongue, stirring my desire for Him even more. “I want to arouse your passions. Do you trust me?” He asked, bending me over His arm and looking into my face. “Yes Lord.” I answered sheepishly. He kissed my forehead and brought me back up, holding my hand to His heart and looking down sweetly into my face. “I have so many wonderful surprises for you, my love. You will be so delighted and overcome with joy. Do not lose heart. Hang in there with me. Press into me harder, stronger, deeper, longer, especially when you are having trouble. Deliberately set your heart and mind on me and press into me as hard as you can. I will receive you. My heart is open wide to you, my love. I am here to stay, forever in love with you.”

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