Music Room

Today, I saw us in a plain and simple music room lined with a brown carpet. Four music stands in a row were in front of us. He held me like He was holding and playing an instrument, running His fingers along my spine in different ways. My body moved to the touch of His fingers along my back. I understood that every person has a musical frequency and their own song to the Lord, and that He was writing a song with my body.

His eyes and mouth lit up like a flame. The sword of His mouth came out of Him like a beam of fire and sunlight. I stepped back from Him and crouched down on the floor when His whole appearance changed into burning translucent gold, emanating strong rays of light. He looked like a gold statue with the sun inside of Him. Then His form changed into a lion. He looked to His right and ran out of the room into the sky, leaping on the clouds. At one point, He stopped and roared. His eyes glowed like bright fires. All the colors of the rainbow shone from His being. He looked like He was made of a combination of elements like silver, ice and glass but I knew they were all of a heavenly substance that doesn’t exist on the earth. He was truly fearsome.

Then He returned to where He had been previously standing in the room to His human form. His eyes and mouth were still on fire. He held out His arms for me to come to Him. I drew near to Him slowly with caution. He leaned His head toward me and opened His mouth. The fire was different than I have seen before. It was more cold, sharp, icy and hot, at the same time with different colors of the rainbow emanating from it, reminding me almost of a mixture of metal and ice, or “the sword of His mouth.” It was not welcoming as in previous experiences and I had no desire for it. As I thought on these things, He overwhelmed me with a kiss. I fell back in His left arm where I had been standing and leaning against His chest. My whole body trembled with the power of His mouth. It was like pure energy pierced through my being. I knew He was doing something, but I didn’t know what. I knew that it wouldn’t hurt if I remained completely surrendered, abandoned and open to His love for me.

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