Mountain Ledge

This morning, I opened my Bible right at Proverb 25:2 and saw us standing on the side of the top of a mountain ledge. He caressed my face and looked down at me standing below Him. Then He kissed my forehead and looked at me with such a beautiful smile on His face. “You know what’s truly important, my love – Me. There is nothing more important in your life. I am your all. I have seen that I am your all. You live for me. I see this. I am here with you as a witness of this. Come walk with me.” He walked us up over the top where there was a magnificent view. “We shall view these scenes together when you are here.” He said.

He walked up behind me and wrapped His arms around my waist. The wind blew softly through our hair, gently massaging my body. I breathed in deeply, then turned and kissed Him. “O Jesus, I am so in love with you.” I sighed, hugging Him and resting my head on His chest as I continued to breathe in deeply. “O Jesus, you feel like Springtime, like a bottle of champagne! I feel such bubbling and fizzing!” I exclaimed. “That’s my joy bubbling up in you, my love. It’s coming – the joy – wait for it, it will surely come.” He encouraged me. We smiled at each other as the wind blew and swirled around us.

He floated us upward with me in His arms and flew us over the majestic landscape. “O Jesus this is so beautiful!” I exclaimed. He held my waist. I giggled as I bent over to sway my arms in the wind. Suddenly, He flew straight up. I squealed, dangling my arms and legs as He held me with one arm. Then He threw me up in the air and flew up to catch me. Higher and higher we went. I looked up into His beautiful face and kissed Him, then buried my face in His neck and held Him tightly as He flew us up even higher. “O Jesus, I love your heart for me.” I sighed, looking up into His face again. “I am with you, my love. I am in you – in your heart. I am making myself quite comfortable, thank you.” He said, looking down at me. “O!” I sighed. He smiled – such a huge, beautiful smile! “O Lord, I want you to be comfortable – so comfortable that you would want to stay and make love to me.” I answered. He kissed me lovingly. I became so hot for Him! My heart ignited in passionate fire for Him! “O Jesus I love you!” I hugged Him tightly, putting my hands inside His robes. I noticed He had an undergarment that I’d never seen before. It was made of blue red, gold and purple thread that reminded me of the high priest garments in Exodus. I put my head on His chest and breathed in deeply, soaking Him into me. “I have you, my love. I have you deep in my heart. I will not let you go. I am so satisfied in you. I’m taking you higher, my love. Come with me. Hold onto me. Let me take you higher in me.” He urged. “Yes Lord. I’m holding onto you. You are everything to me.” I replied.

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