Merging Our Imaginations

I moved my body to face Him, wrapping my arms around His neck and my legs around His waist. “My little monkey.” He smiled, stood up and began to dance, bouncing me like a baby with His strong arms. I laughed as He twirled me and brought my legs down when He led us in a graceful waltz. It was then that I noticed we were in a stone pavilion with beautiful gold arches and pillars. We danced down an arched hallway into an outside courtyard that reminded me of an Italian landscape and then stood on the side of a beautiful mountain overlooking a forest of many different colors and sizes of trees. There was a sea in the distance. The sun shone brightly in a clear deep blue sky. A small white table with two chairs was off to the side. They were made of a metal, formed into the shape of a table and chairs, through a framework of beautiful floral and leaf designs. On top of the table was a bottle of wine and two wine glasses.

He motioned for me to sit down, poured wine into my glass and then into His. As He lifted His glass, He looked deeply into my eyes waiting for me to do the same. I lifted up my glass, fixing my eyes on His. We drank. I felt the warmth and tingling of the wine enter into me. I knew it was a pure spiritual wine – like I was drinking Him into my being. “Oh Lord, I don’t know anything about wine. Please teach me. I wish I had been able to live on a farm and learn about plant and animal husbandry so I could understand you more.” I felt a calm reassurance from Him that I didn’t need to do those things to understand and know Him and that He would teach me everything I needed to know.

I got up and walked down a little path from the table going alongside the mountain and stopped at the closest point of the tiny trail at the edge. The view was spectacular. “Oh Jesus, this is so beautiful. Thank you for creating this vision in my mind. I love how you enable us to merge our imaginations together and we can do so many things and go so many places together by creating them in our imaginations. It’s so wonderful, so amazing. I love being with you in our imaginations.” He walked towards me and stood beside me looking into the horizon. Then He leaned His body slowly forward, fell over the edge and stretched out His wings, flying gracefully over the trees. “Oh wow!” I thought in my mind. “You are so beautiful Jesus!” I followed Him. We flew over the forest towards the water. The scenery was so beautiful! Then He flew down just above the beach, following the shore. I understood, as I had been reading scriptures today, how much the Lord loves the boundaries of the waters that He creates.

After a while, I headed back to the mountain where our table was and sat down hoping to drink some more wine. Jesus returned, smiling at my eagerness. We talked – such sweet words we spoke to each other. As I finished my glass, I looked at Him waiting for Him to pour me some more. He laughed as He poured me another glass. I took a sip of the new glass of wine, once again enjoying the feeling of it entering and filling my body with Him. It seemed even stronger than the last. I took another sip and then drank the whole glass. With a huge smile on my face I stood up, moved near to Him, kissed Him on the cheek and ran to the edge of the mountain, leaping off and flying over the trees straight into the horizon. I knew the wine was having effects on me. I didn’t know exactly what they were yet and I wanted to experience deeply whatever the Lord was bringing into my imagination. He followed after me. I could hear Him laughing.

He caught up to me very quickly. I looked into His beautiful smiling face which seemed to be getting brighter and brighter as we headed into the horizon. A glorious bright light, brighter than the sun, with huge rays extending outwards shone ahead of us. Jesus led me into the light and then all I could see was white. Slowly I started to see pulses of colors. We were in a beautiful array of lights, colors and textures almost like we were in a liquid, gaseous atmosphere, inside of a living modern art canvas. Then it felt soft and almost moist like what I imagine it might look like inside a human body. We flew up a tunnel that reminded me of a human intestine or esophagus. He took me in His arms as we went downwards in a fast spiral motion. It was so pleasurable. As we exited the tunnel we entered into more beautiful colors like we were in outer space. There were colorful clouds and stars all around us.

We faced each other in the air. He captured my whole attention. His white robes were gleaming with glorious bright light and His huge wings were even more glorious than I had ever seen them. They were glistening and gleaming with what looked like little tiny sparklets of bright lights emanating from every cell of His feathers. I could not go ahead with any more of the vision as I was so enraptured by His beauty, His majesty and His glory. My eyes were fixed on Him and He was all I wanted to experience and look at. He was breathtakingly gorgeous! “I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life Jesus! You are so beautiful!” He looked upon me sweetly and tenderly with the most beautiful smile on His face. “You are beautiful.” He said to me. Although I heard and understood what He was saying, it was like I could not grasp it with my mind. I was so overwhelmed with His beauty I could not register the meaning of these words in my spirit. I just gazed upon Him thinking, “No Jesus, you are beautiful!”

I lay down later today to see if there was more in this vision for me. I felt like I was allowed to come back to it. This time I saw what He was looking at. I saw myself in a beautiful multi layered fine linen dress that was floating like I was in water, gleaming and glistening with the same sparkles as His wings. I knew I was only beautiful because He had infused me with Himself, His life and His Spirit. I was much smaller than Him in this vision. He leaned over and took my hand as I reached up to Him, twirling me around like a ballerina in a music box. He enjoyed watching me twirl.

When I slowed down, I stopped to look at His face and noticed we both had crowns. Upon making this mental observation, many angels began to descend from what seemed like a hole in the sky, gathering in two line formations before us. This is the first time I saw so many angels together. I turned to Jesus in fear and panic. “I just want to be alone with you Jesus.” I pleaded. He snapped His fingers and they disappeared from my sight. I don’t know why but the presence of angels scares me right now.

He took my hand and we flew out of a bright portal in the sky into a beautiful sunny blue sky. Below was a thick layer of clouds and around us were smaller clouds and islands, floating in the air. It was so beautiful. We flew up to one of the islands and sat on a bench with a gorgeous view on the edge, surrounded by grass, flowers, bushes and trees. I moved closer to Him and lay my head on His chest, placing my hand on His heart. I saw and felt the fire! It fills me with such pleasure when I do this.

Then I saw Him sitting on my bed wearing many layers of different colors of brown robes. The last one had a hood over His head. I snuggled inside of His robes. He enveloped me with His arms and robes as He moved me close to His heart. It was so soothing – like I was in a cocoon.

When the next song came on, He flew me upwards into another scene where we lay side by side facing each other in a hammock. Before us was the most beautiful beach with white sand. The water and sky were so many beautiful colors of blue. Around us were all kinds of blossoming plants and palm trees. A very soothing and comfortable warm wind blew gently around and over us gently massaging us. I especially felt its softness caressing my face and moving through my hair as I gazed lovingly into His face. “You are so beautiful Lord. Your eyes are like the ocean, so blue. Your face is so beautiful. I love looking at your face and your eyes.”

I took His hand and brought it to my lips, kissing the nail marks on the top of His hand and then turning His palm to tenderly embrace Him there. Tears flowed as I caressed His hand gently with my hands and my lips. “Please forgive me for putting these nails in your hand Jesus.” I lay my head on His chest. “I love you.” I whispered repeatedly between deep sighs while soaking in His peace, joy, and love into my being.

The scene was so beautiful I got up and walked along the shore and then began running with joy. Jesus caught up to me instantly. When we ran through the water together I realized how much He loves beaches – the borders of the water, the comings and the goings, the in and out of things. I realized why He seems to come and go in our lives. He is the Beginning and the End. He loves to come and go. It is His nature. It is revealed in our very breath. I slowed down and turned towards Him, looking up into His face. He breathed out and I breathed Him into me. Then I breathed out and He breathed me into Him. We did this back and forth for a while as I thought on these things. I hugged Him and buried my face in His white robes. We walked back to the hammock and lay in it sideways again looking at each other.

We talked for a while. “I don’t want to leave this vision Lord. I want to stay here forever just gazing into your eyes and loving you.” We breathed back and forth again. I was filled with such longing to kiss Him but I felt Him impress on my mind to wait for Him. This thought caused me to well up with intense desire for Him as our lips were so close. Suddenly I felt the burning and tingling sensation in my torso from the wine I drank in the previous vision. It was welling up and bubbling up in my being. As I thought on the sensations, His lips touched mine and we kissed. Sparks flew everywhere inside me when He did this. It was like the wine came up into our mouths and our heads. I was filled with such sweetness in Him. I drank and drank the wine of His love pouring forth from His mouth. “I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t want to experience your love like this Jesus.” I said after a while. “You must tell them. Will you tell them if I open the way?” He replied. “Yes Lord.”

We got up and walked straight into the water holding hands, going deeper until the water was way over our heads, walking past beautiful plants, shells, rocks and colorful fish swimming around us. Our white robes and the crystal white sand glistened and sparkled as the sun shone through the waters. I was so pleased that I was able to imagine the water in such beautiful blue colors. “Look Lord, I’m imagining the water clear now!” I marveled that we could just walk along the bottom, fully immersed and continue on as if it was nothing. Then Jesus lifted His feet and swam a little before taking off through the water and flying up into a little cloud that He had formed above the water. I followed Him. We sat looking at the beautiful beach scenery and dangling our legs over the cloud. I marveled at how anything was possible in our imaginations. I felt like Jesus was getting me used to the changing dynamics and possibilities in this dimension – how things could be and change quickly.

When I was speaking in tongues the other day I saw and heard Jesus speaking the same things I was saying at the same time. I am beginning to see Him pray with me sometimes, standing beside me and walking with me. Today I saw Him stand in front of me with His hands in mine as my hands were outstretched and I was praying. It really helps me concentrate on Him and what I’m saying when I see Him touching my hands. I feel His energy emanating from His hands into mine. It’s like the power switch is on. I see Him and I feel Him!

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