Imagining the Bridge

I remembered that the Lord had asked me to see myself as His bride and to look at Him, so I decided to practice visualizing His face. “It’s so hard Lord because I’ve never actually seen you.” I said to Him. “I mostly get vague impressions in my mind of what I imagine you might look like. Please appear to me Lord (just once please!) so I can see you and it will help me visualize you in my imagination.” “You know you would never be satisfied with seeing me just once.” I heard Him reply in my mind. I could feel His smile beaming on me like warm sunshine and felt Him pushing me to keep trying and not give up so easily.

Then something began to appear in my imagination. I knew it was from Him because I was not seeing anything. He stood on the simple wooden bridge of a previous vision that I had imagined where He had taken me to our castle. The river was not far underneath and the bridge was surrounded by trees and vegetation as I saw it my imagination the last time. He was dressed in an absolutely stunning all white tuxedo. The inner vest fit His form perfectly and the inner shirt was full of layers and tasteful folds leading up to a beautiful bow at the top of His neck. I have never seen such precise folding. The material was thick yet very fine. His cuff links and white shoes had very tiny delicate gold highlights. His lower back was leaning slightly on the bridge with His hands resting on the railings, arms extended from each side of His body. A huge smile beamed from His face like the morning sunrise. He looked at me with such great interest I wanted to see what He was looking at, so I turned to look at myself in my imagination.

I too was leaning my lower back on the other side of the bridge, resting my hands on the railings, looking at Him. I saw that I was wearing a beautiful long white gown. The torso had layers of rounded form fitting mesh over a translucent pearl fabric with tiny little pearls embedded in the mesh. The bottom reminded me of the shape of tulip. The sleeves were short, puffy and sparkling with a ring of very tiny delicate pearls and little tiny ruffles. Long white gloves extended to my elbows. My hair was held up with little inlaid pearls in a design that went all the way around my head and a tiny veil extended from the top of my head over my forehead. Very delicate pearl earrings hung in an intricate design of white gold from my ears and a matching delicately designed white gold and pearl pendant hung around my neck. I got so distracted looking at myself that when I turned back to see Jesus, I could hardly see Him. I could not maintain my concentration well enough to continue the vision.

“Jesus help me to draw near you. I love you. Help me to live in your heart. Please come and live in my heart fully. I desire your fullness in me Lord.”

I tried to see us again in my imagination standing on the bridge looking at each other in our white garments. I saw Him extend His hand to me. I took His hand and He led me across the bridge into the light that was emanating on the other side. I saw our backs and the blades of grass we were walking on as we disappeared into the light.

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