Imagining Myself in My Imagination

I imagined myself standing before the Lord with my hands outstretched above me and my head leaning back. “Cover me in your precious blood, Lord.” I asked. I saw His blood pouring from heaven on my forehead and body. “His blood is light.” The Holy Spirit reminded me as I was seeing it red. I turned it into light and it was like “the light turned on” in the Spirit. “Wash me with the precious living waters of your Word.” I asked, seeing the waters of His throne pour out from heaven like a waterfall, washing me clean. “Anoint me with your precious oils and fragrances.” I asked the Holy Spirit as His oils permeated my being.

I leaned into Jesus and hugged Him. He kissed my forehead and caressed my head. “Help me to be more conscious and aware of your presence. I want to be aware of you 24/7 Lord. Open my senses to you. Open my eyes to see you, my ears to hear you, my mouth to taste you, my nose to smell your fragrance. What do you smell like Jesus? Please let me smell you.” I rubbed myself against Him like a cat trying to catch His scent. He laughed. “I open my hands to you Lord. Help me to receive everything you have for me. I open my womb to you. Please impregnate me with the seed of your Word. I open my heart to you. Please put your desires in my heart. I open my mind to you. Please put your thoughts in my mind. Give me your mind and your heart.” I pleaded. I imagined all the gates and doors of my body opening up to Him, His light filled my being and radiated outwards in huge rays.

“I just want to crawl into your heart and stay there.” I sighed, looking at His heart emanating glorious rays of light and heat while I stood in His arms. I saw myself as a piece of His heart that He had taken out of Himself, wanting to come back into Him. I imagined myself as that piece, entering into His heart, returning inside Him and merging with Him in pure white light.

I hugged Him tenderly, placed my mouth in front of His and breathed in deeply. “Breathe your life into me Lord.” I asked. He breathed into my mouth. I saw His life enter my lungs and circulate throughout my being in millions of tiny particles of light. We kissed tenderly. I understood that when He kisses me, He changes me.

“Feed me Jesus. Let me drink and eat from your mouth today.” His mouth filled with milk and honey. As I drank, it changed from milk and honey, to bread and water and then meat and wine. I saw the different manifestations of my spiritual walk with Him. In the beginning He is sweet honey and nourishing milk as I grow rapidly in His Word. Then He is the simple daily (sometimes dry) bread (sometimes of affliction) and the staple (flavorless) water where we don’t feel His presence. Afterwards He is the deeper meat of truth and revelation, receiving the pleasure and delight of knowing and doing the Father’s Will and the wine of the deeper moving of His Holy Spirit who reveals to us His true nature and gives us joy, opening our gates (senses) to Him so that He can come in to us: tangible feelings of His touch, fellowship and communion, hearing His voice audibly, seeing Him, tasting His sweet goodness and smelling His beautiful fragrance.

I imagined all my gates opening and Jesus coming into me through my mouth, travelling through my body and transforming me into a being of light.

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