Imagine Me

“I am with you, my love. I am with you and in you forever.” He declared, leading me in a beautiful waltz. “You’re so sweet Lord.” I answered. “Such sweet words you spoke to your disciples also.” I remarked while reading John 17. “I wanted you to hear them too. I spoke those words for you too, my love.” He replied. His face had a beautiful smile and shone like the sun.

Earlier, I had been watching two romantic ice skaters. “I want us to look at each other like that. It’s so romantic.” I commented. “We do.” He replied. “You are so beautiful to me.” His words melted me. Then we started ice skating. He bent me over His arm and looked down at me as we skated. “You’re so romantic.” I sighed. He wore a loose white shirt and black pants – so gorgeous! His beautiful wavy black hair blew in the wind and His black beard was expertly manicured. “Imagine the most gorgeous man in the world.” He encouraged me. “I can look like whatever you imagine me to be. Imagine me, my love. Imagine what you want me to look like and I will look like that to you. I take pleasure in changing my appearance to please my beloved. So imagine. See me clearly. Continue to press in with your imagination. Imagine me clearly in your mind and I will appear to you as you have imagined. I give you this power for you are mine and I am yours and we are one. You desire me?” He asked as we continued twirling and skating. “Yes. I desire you.” I answered. “Do you desire me?” He asked again. “Yes Lord, I desire you.” I answered. “Am I your desire?” He asked a third time. “Yes, you are my one desire. You are my love and I desire you, my love. I love you.” I responded. “Imagine me. See my face. Touch my face. Smell my fragrance. Come to me in your imagination. This is the path I have chosen for you. Walk it with me. Take my hand and come with me. Walk this path with me.” He instructed.

I felt the Holy Spirit say to me: “Jesus is your door to heaven. Imagine Him opening the door of His heart to you and enter in.”

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