I Want to Dance With You Forever

I saw myself dancing with Him. “This is real.” I observed, enjoying the feeling of being in His arms. “Yes it is.” He replied. “Thank you for filling me with desire for you.” I said. “I put that desire in you and I will fulfill it. I desire you. I created you to be desired by me.” He answered. “O Jesus, this is a dream come true for me.” I exclaimed. “It’s my dream for you – that you would be my wife and my love. Come, enter into the fullness of my love for you.” He answered sweetly. We continued to dance. “Jesus I want to dance with you forever.” I sighed. “And so you shall.” He replied. “I didn’t know I could do this.” I thought in my mind. “You weren’t ready.” He declared. “Holy Spirit, help me to see His face and hear His voice.” I asked. “You now see Him and hear His voice clearly.” The Holy Spirit answered.

I placed my hand on His heart. Heat and light emanated outwards and through my arm into my body, lighting us both up until we were all light. “Wow! This is so cool. I feel like when we’re beings of light, that we’re totally naked even though we’re dressed!” I exclaimed. “Wait till it’s such a bright light that you can’t see anything!” He smiled. I noticed that we both had a golden glow and supposed that He had toned down the light for me. “Jesus, keep the fire of my love going.” I pleaded. “Keep touching my heart and you will always feel my love.” He responded.

I lay my head on His heart and hugged Him. He swayed us from side to side and led us again in a beautiful dance. “Wow Lord, this is so easy. I wish I had known how easy this is.” “We must labor to enter into rest.” He said, reminding me of everything we both had gone through to get to this place. “This is so powerful Lord.” I responded, seeing the reality of it all. “I am all power.” He answered. “Let that sink into your spirit. And I am dancing with you. How much more do you think I can do?” I looked at Him and smiled. I knew that He knew I had no idea.

We continued to dance. “O Lord, I am so excited about the possibilities.” We twirled and danced more. ”I want to dance with you forever.” I sighed. “I want to dance with you forever.” He repeated like my thought was His thought and we were one. I looked at Him. “Can anything be more awesome than beholding His face?!” I thought in my mind. “I am yours and you are mine. Let that sink into your spirit. I want you to live from this place. Let it be the wellspring from which everything in you flows, for truly, I am yours and you are mine. It is done. It is sealed. Move forward in this reality, my love, and your life will never be the same.” He instructed. I thought about His words for a while. “Jesus this is so powerful!” I remarked. “Remain in me and you will always be right here with me in my arms forever.” He continued. “O Jesus that is so romantic. You are so romantic. I love that about you.” I believe Jesus created romance. He wants to romance and woo us into His love. I lay my head in His neck and my body into His. I felt His warmth emanating into mine and His heat arousing me with desire for Him.

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