I Put Your Desire In You

Jesus led me in a graceful waltz inside a pristine white courtyard around towering white stone sphere pots that overflowed profusely with lush burgundy flowers. Our translucent white robes sparkled as they flowed with our movements, reflecting the bright shining sun. As we danced, I couldn’t stop gazing into His beautiful face, longing to kiss Him. Finally, I could bear it no more and leaned my whole body into Him, sending both of us tumbling into the grass near the edge of the courtyard. We both laughed and smiled. I lay on the grass looking up at Him while He got up and sat beside me, leaning on one of His arms, then slowly bent over and softly kissed me. It felt like liquid love entering my body when His lips touched mine. I returned His kiss with all the passion of my being, emoting to Him how much I had been longing to kiss Him. “I know.” He answered. “I put your desire for me into you. You are my bride.” “Increase my desire for you!” I pleaded, soaking the love emanating deeply from His eyes. “Come to me Jesus.” I whispered. “I am.” He said. “Come into me.” I pleaded again. “I will.” He paused and smiled, “but not in the way you are expecting.”

I sat up so that my cheeks touched His and moved my lips slowly toward His. I could feel our breaths mingling and lightly kissed His lips. When I did so the scene changed and we were floating in what looked like outer space because I could see black in the background with stars but the foreground was full of colors and clouds and the air was really dense. It felt like we were swimming in water. He had a long lilac cloth floating loosely around His body. His long hair flowed like it was in water. I gazed at Him from a distance, feeling His glory radiating outwards from Him and pulling me towards Him at the same time. “You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen Jesus!” I declared to Him in my mind.

My perspective changed and it was like Jesus was showing me what He was seeing. I saw myself, glowing like a bright blue white light. A glowing translucent blue white dress followed closely the curves of my body. The top part had a high collar going down in a “v” design and puffed out lightly from the waist with long sleeves. Embroidered lace designs in a beautiful tight lined pattern went from my neck down to my breasts. A blue green stone glimmered in the center of the lace design around my neck decorated with intricate designs of pearls around the collar. My golden long hair was crowned with a golden blue tiara and surrounded by tiny blueish white flowers.

He stretched out His arms and His desire pulled me towards Him. When I entered His embrace, He hugged me tenderly. I wrapped my arms around His neck, buried my face in it and kissed Him softly there. Then I wrapped my legs around His waist and held onto Him tightly. I could feel His love and peace permeate my being. Beautiful sensations flowed from His belly into mine. I fell asleep.

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