His Throne In the Clouds

“Press into me. Press in. Don’t give up. Trust in my goodness. Trust in my heart towards you. I want your best. I want your good. You know that. Trust me. I am here for you and with you. I am here. Rest in me. Let me do the work. You know I am coming soon. We need to make sure you are ready. Every day counts. Every day is important. I will help you redeem the time, but you must abandon and surrender yourself fully into my care. Do not hold back. Do not hesitate. You know enough now to know who I am and who I am not. Trust that the knowledge and revelation I have given you so far will continue to keep you in your journey towards me. I know you want to go deeper. Trust that I am taking you there. I will honor the desires of your heart as you honor me.”

“Come. Wait. Rest. Abide. These are the only instructions I have for you now. You know you have heard these words in your spirit. Come be with me. Wait for me to come to you. Rest in my love. Abide in my words. This is all I have for you. It is enough. As you can see, this is even too much for you at the moment. Do not be ashamed anymore if you repent. Make yourself naked again before me, open and transparent, that we may once again experience the intimacy you so long for and seek after. I am here, waiting for you. Come.”

I lay down on my bed to see if there was something for me to see. Immediately I saw a huge structurally complex wall of a golden throne hundreds of feet high amidst the most beautiful sky filled with rich golden hues. There were many people seated on thrones and standing in various places along the wall. Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit were seated on gold thrones dressed in gold attire wearing high golden crowns. Everything had intricate gold designs and jewels. I was floating in the air, palms towards Him, with my arms slightly away from my body above a huge chasm of a pure gold mountain cliff going deep down below me. I wore a beautiful gold gown with golden white fabric on the inside full of intricate gold designs, clear, translucent and white gemstones of all kinds and tiny pearls. The gown had long sleeves extending in a gold lace “v” design over the top of my hands attached in a ring around my middle fingers. The “v” shaped waist had a long puffy skirt extending outwards and a train in the back of it going down as far as I could see. I was filled with joy and soared upwards and outwards in several high and wide somersaults and lateral circles before Him, dancing through the air.

Then Jesus extended His hand to me, lifting me upwards through the clouds into a beautiful long ballroom with immensely high ceilings and arched pillars, beautifully sculpted white and gold marble floors, walls and ceilings. He gently held my waist and hand as He led me in the most beautiful waltz and twirls. He is so classy and gentle. We danced and danced. “Oh, how I missed you Jesus.” I whispered. “I know.” He smiled and leaned me over His arm, kissing me on the forehead. Then He looked up towards the big window at the end of the ballroom and carried me as we flew above and perpendicular to the floor out the window into the most beautiful atmosphere full of the biggest clouds and cloud formations I have ever seen. The sky was full of very soft golden hues of yellow, orange and pink colors. We flew onto a small cloud.

When Jesus sat on the cloud it formed into a throne around Him. I sat on His left side below his waist on a perfect indentation that had formed in the cloud for me. The cloud was in a sort of rocky hill shaped form with Him at the top, but the shapes of the cloud were fluid, in constant flex and movement like it was alive forming and reforming shapes continually. We both looked into the sun that was on the horizon. “Oh, Jesus this is so beautiful. This is the most beautiful scene so far.” I turned to see His golden face glowing as the sun beamed its rays everywhere. His face also beamed with a beautiful smile. “I love when the sun rises in a soul.” He said. “It’s my favorite part.” There was a wonderful invigorating wind moving over us and moving the cloud we sat on forward towards the sun. I held and caressed His hand, kissing the top and rubbing it against my cheek. “I love you.” I whispered. “I know.” He smiled.

After a while He moved forward and out of His seat with my hand in His and we flew out into the beautiful sky. Cloud formations were everywhere with a few darker formations in the distance, almost like we were heading into a huge storm system, but it wasn’t stormy. His wings were so big and beautiful. I felt so much smaller as I flew underneath Him. He held my waist when I drew near. I turned to face Him and dropped out of His hands. Down and down I went. The feeling of the wind holding, caressing and moving over me was ecstatic. I wondered if I could just keep falling forever. Jesus flew down to me, caught me in His arms and we began sliding down the clouds that had formed into massive mountain roller coaster formations. Up and down we went, sometimes flying between huge chasms of clouds with nothing underneath us. We were going so fast, so far up and so far, down, sometimes hundreds of feet, sometimes miles! The clouds kept forming and reforming into different shapes as we went. “Oh Jesus! This is the most fun vision I have had so far!” He smiled as we continued sliding through the clouds, laughing and wailing as we went.

I followed Him as He held my hand and flew upwards into some clouds that had formed into the most gigantic hugest wave I have ever seen. We moved through the bottom and along the side of its arc as it continued to roll forward. The feeling as we flew up and out of it was so pleasurable and fun.

Then we flew back to the cloud where Jesus sat on His throne and I sat again at His side. “We have to do something about the throne you are sitting on in my dome heart Jesus. Please help me fix this up.” My cave heart had grown into a dome pavilion, but the only area of light was where we would stand in the center coming from the top of the dome and the white stone it was made of was so cold. The seat Jesus sat on, though I knew it was a throne, was such a dark and plain chair. I tried to imagine a more appropriate throne made of gold encrusted with gold designs and gemstones, a marble staircase leading up to it and clouds all around it. I tried to imagine the marble and light extending outward, but I felt a resistance and could not change the darkness I saw into light. Jesus smiled as He saw me trying to “make this happen” in my mind. “As you look at me and continue to exalt me the throne will grow.” He reassured me.

“What a wonderful time this was. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you so much”. “You’re welcome.”

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