Hall of Multiple Staircases

He brought me behind the veil again. This time I wore a beautiful peach and white colored dress that reminded me of a peony flower. It was soft and puffy with a darker peach outer coat. Deep burgundy, green and brown flower designs lined the thick six inch borders. A thinner gold border floral design lined my chest and waist. We both wore gold crowns. He led me out of the darkness where we had been behind the veil into the light. I began to see what looked like marble in similar tones to my dress – peach, burgundy, brown, and white. The marble was glowing with a beautiful golden hue like the sun was inside everything. We walked up a huge staircase with many stairs. There were pillars and arches everywhere. I couldn’t see the end of it. It reminded me of the entrance of a huge castle. As I looked up it seemed like dome ceilings might be above the arches, but I couldn’t see them, the ceilings they were so high.

We reached an expansive platform with a tiny narrow circular pillar in the center (more stairs led in different directions from the platform). On it was a golden box that looked like a small treasure chest with a lock. Jesus opened it. Inside was a beautiful pink/peach pearl heart necklace with gold designs and matching earrings to complete my dress. When He put them on me, the outer robe of my garment and my crown floated off and I was dressed as a ballerina. His clothing changed to that of a ballet dancer and we began to dance together, at times floating through the air as we twirled and twirled upwards and upwards, higher and higher. It was soft, tender and graceful. When we got to a certain height, Jesus gently took my hand and flew us upwards to a beautiful mountainous landscape with forests. We flew high above them, following a river that flowed into a huge body of water up ahead.

Several months later, we were in the same grand hallway where multiple staircases go up and down in different directions from the main central platform. The dome ceilings and arches are so high you can’t see the top if you don’t look up. The stones were a beige cream color in the soft light that was in this vision.

The area where we stood was lit but around us was darker. As I began to see Him, I imagined myself drawing near to Him and gave Him a big hug. I could feel He wanted to dance and moved with Him as He led me in a soft dance up the stairs towards the center of the platform. He began to turn us like a top when we reached the center. We held hands as our bodies extended outward while our feet pressed together. As we spun around, our feet lifted off the ground and we went up in the air. Once up a ways from the ground, our heads drew near as our feet went up and out, still holding hands like skydivers who just jumped out of a plane. Then we let go and danced what I call air ballet. It looks like a combination of acrobatics, ballet and gymnastics. It’s so beautiful. You can make any moves and go anywhere you want in the air in a continual flow of going out and coming in back and forth to and from each other. It’s such a beautiful air dance. Oftentimes we touch down on the stairs as we go up and down. There are so many staircases leading everywhere. It’s like this place was designed especially for people who can fly.

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