Dancing With My Prince

Last night I really wanted to feel the Lord’s presence and searched for Him in the Spirit. “Draw near to me Lord. Let me feel you.”

At first I looked to see if I could continue the previous vision where we were walking in the meadow. I saw us rolling together in the grass down the small hills in the meadow, laughing with delight. We lay beside each other looking up at the sky. He sat up. I moved near Him so I could lay my head on His chest. His arms encircled me in a big soft hug.

The scene disappeared. I continued listening to soaking music. My hands reached up as my heart sought for more of Him while whispering expressions of love. Out of the darkness I saw His face. I moved forward to Him and wrapped my arms around Him in a big hug. His white robes were so soft and puffy, glowing with the light of His presence. They seem to be getting softer and puffier every time I feel them. I buried my face in His robes. He gently caressed my head and hair as He pressed me into Him tenderly.

“Oh Jesus I so want to kiss you.” I thought to myself in my mind as I fell to His feet, kissing and caressing them tenderly. He bent down and lifted me up. “You can kiss me anytime you wish. Come drink of my love. Drink of the rivers of my love.”  I felt Him open His mouth to me and saw His mouth was full of sweetness, like honey. I was so hungry and thirsty for Him that I focused all of my desire on drinking from His mouth. As I touched His lips, it was like an explosion of His goodness hit me, sending the most awesome waves of peace, joy, love, pleasure and comfort pulsing through my being. It was incredible! I was so surprised I moved back from Him. Suddenly I felt my whole being travail in a gut wrenching prayer that came out of the depths of my being. I literally cried out in tears, “Oh Jesus, I so desire your fullness. Fill me with all your fullness. Live inside of me fully and cause me to live in you fully. I want to live in the atmosphere of heaven filled with all your precious fruits of the Spirit, your eternal everlasting love, joy and peace unspeakable and full of glory!”

Then I saw Jesus in the most beautiful all white tuxedo and shoes. His coat was short in the front at the waist and long at the back over a beautiful form fitting vest, shirt and bow tie. He looked so radiant. Light emanated from His smiling face and sparkling eyes.

He extended His hand to me and waited for me to place my other hand around His waist. Then He led me in a beautiful waltz. I could feel His pleasure as He twirled me with His hand above my head, holding onto mine. I saw my beautiful long white sparkling dress flowing like a flower outwards with each spin. I thought to myself that maybe that’s why He likes twirling me so much, because I look like a flower when He does. I thought about the planets spinning in outer space and electrons and protons twirling inside atoms.  My dress sparkled with what looked like tiny little diamonds covering the whole dress. It had puffy short sleeves and a soft curved “v” in the front waist and breast line. My hair was up and decorated with the most delicate little sparkling diamonds. They were tastefully tiny but their sparkle was bigger and brighter than I have ever seen of any earthly diamond, especially the diamonds on my ears. They also had a translucent pearl like sparkle similar to a soap bubble or a light shining through a prism emanating all the colors of the rainbow.

“Teach me how to dance with you.” I asked. I so wanted to kiss Him again but I was enjoying dancing with Him so much I didn’t want to stop. “We can kiss and dance at the same time.” Jesus smiled, in response to my thoughts. He slowed us down in a more intimate dance and softly kissed me. The feeling of His lips caressing mine and the gentle flow of Him turning me softly in His arms was so soothing. I sighed inwardly, “Wow! This is heaven!” I thought in my mind. “I want to dance with you forever Jesus!” I whispered to Him with all the longing in my heart. It seemed like we were dancing on a white stone floor with white columns in a dark blue background and we shone like bright sparkling lights. There was a soft blue glow around us. It was so beautiful and peaceful – like a fairy tale. “You are my prince.” I declared to Jesus as I imagined us dancing in a beautiful ballroom. “But it’s not a fairy tale!” I exclaimed. ”You really are my royal prince and I really am your princess! Someday you really are taking me to your castle where we will live happily ever after!” “Wow!” I was so filled with joy as He continued to lead me in a beautiful twirling waltz.

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