Dancing Like a Flower

“O Lord I want you.” I sighed. “I know that you want me because you haven’t given up seeking my face. Keep at it, my love. We will soon ‘merge’ as one, as you have always wanted. Come to me daily always and I will always be there for you. I am the God who is there. Rest in me. I am your rest. Trust in my rest. It will bring you the joy, peace and love that you seek. It’s all in the rest. When you enter into the rest, you enter into me.” He said. “I want to be more holy, more fully yours.” I continued. “You are fully mine.” He replied. “Help me fully experience, manifest and reveal you. I want that Lord with all my heart. Perfect me in you.” I pleaded.

Later, we walked along a garden path surrounded by the greenest and well-kept grass, flowers, bushes and trees. His arms were open wide and a huge smile was beaming on His face. I ran to Him and hugged Him. “Please give me your joy and cause me to experience your pleasure.” I asked while reading Psalm 16:11. We embraced tenderly. Then He held my hand as He led us on the path. It looked like we were walking on several inches of clear glass because we seemed to be floating effortlessly on air.

“Awaken me. “ I asked. “I have awakened you, my love, have I not? To be awake is to be with me.” “Wow, that’s so deep Lord.” I replied. “Let me enter into you.” He said. “Enter into me.” I sighed. I turned to Him to look into His face. He bent down and kissed me. O the smoothness and the sweetness of His lips and tongue! “Drink my love.” He directed. I caressed the roof of His mouth with my tongue and wrapped my lips around His tongue and lips and breathed in and out deeply. O He is so sweet! I understood that He wants His bride to kiss Him in this way. It gives Him joy and pleasure. “O Jesus. I love kissing you and embracing you. It’s like being in a bouquet of flowers.” I sighed.

Suddenly we were floating above a river with high cliffs on each side and a mountain in the distance. The sky was so blue. He flew us above the river toward the mountain. There was a big sea in front of it. I went to sleep.

When I woke up, we were back in the garden, dancing on the path. His robe had turned into a glistening white tuxedo and mine into a puffy white dress covered with little tiny white diamonds that glittered like stars. “O Jesus, how gorgeous you look in a tuxedo!” I exclaimed. He smiled and danced us around a tall white round tiered fountain, lifting me up in the air a few times. We laughed. “I’m so glad to have you back dancing with me, my love. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do, especially with my bride.” He remarked. There was such a gentle spring in His step. I felt like we were floating effortlessly as He twirled me. “You’re so beautiful, my love, when you dance with me. I so enjoy watching you twirl in my arms like a fragrant flower in full bloom.” He breathed in deeply while bending me over His knee and softly caressing my side from my arm down my waist. Then He lifted me up high over His head twirling me in the air, beaming a huge smile. We ascended and descended off the ground as He lifted and twirled me around the fountain, sometimes skipping.

Then we rose up into the air. He bent me over His arm and kissed me tenderly pressing my back with His hand into His chest. “O Jesus, I love the way you kiss me with such tender passion, such sweet gentleness, such beauty and truth.” He kissed the front of my neck as my head leaned back, resting on His arm. Then He continued to lead us in a beautiful waltz through the clouds.

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