Dancing Is An Expression of Love

“I’m never going to stop running after you Jesus.” I said to Him as I thought about everything I have been through with Him this year and what next year might possibly bring. “I am never going to stop loving you.” He answered, standing at the top of a series of stairs and extending His hand to me. I put my hand in His. He walked us down the steps and led me to a dance floor, twirling me softly in a beautiful waltz.

I wore a tasteful satin and lace sea green dress. My long blonde hair was tied up in the back with a matching bow. The most delicate tear drop earrings hung from my ears and elegant long gloves covered my forearms. He looked stunning in His black tuxedo.

As we danced, so many revelations came to me. “Dancing is about making love.” He downloaded into my mind. I looked into His eyes and placed my hand on His chest. “Your love overwhelms me.” I whispered. I understood that the Lord is coming from a completely different place when He dances with us. His love is pure and holy. Man dances from the waist down, using the “core” or belly as the starting place and engaging the physical sexual organs in the process. The Lord dances from the chest upward, using the heart as the starting point and engaging our words and spirits in the process.

“Jesus you are so elegant. Fill me with desire for you. You dance with such grace. Your every movement is so tender, and elegant, so full of majesty and honor.” “Dancing is an expression of love. If there is no love in dancing, it loses its purpose and value. We dance because we love each other.” He explained. “Help me …” I began. “Shhh.” He whispered softly. “You are here with me. I have you. Follow my lead and I will take care of everything. I am a Master. I have it all under my control.” He reassured me, filling me with such passion for Him. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and released myself into His arms. He moved me effortlessly across the dance floor. “O Jesus, you are so incredible! You fill me with such holy desire for you. You excite the fires of my heart into a bonfire of love for you. Jesus you make me swoon. You are the most elegant and graceful man I have ever seen.” I said to Him in my heart as we danced and danced.

I understood that everything in the kingdom is born out of love. That’s why the devil is so interested in taking love out of the equation on earth. The secret ingredient to everything good is love. The devil operates and believes in formula. God is spontaneous and creative. The devil wants to reduce everything into something he can package and put in a box. God is always outside the box.

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