Dancing in My Heart

I saw Him standing in front of me. Both of us wore white robes.  I took His hand in mine and kissed the top of it softly, especially around the nail marks. Then I took His hand in both of mine and caressed His hand tenderly lifting it close to my heart. “Lord I just want to gaze upon you.” I said looking into His face.

“I see your heart. I see your heart for me. Come, my Beloved. Enter into my love. I am for you. All of my heart is open to you. Come. Enter my heart and live in my joy. Live in my love for you. Come. I know that you love me. I have prepared a place for you in my heart. I know that you have always loved me. I am the only one who has the power to draw you near to me. I am drawing you to me. Feel the pull. Feel me pulling you into my heart.”

The Lord led me in a graceful soft waltz. We moved up and down like waves of the sea and twirled like bubbles in the ocean. He is like water in His movements. “O Jesus, I just want to melt in your arms.” His face was so radiant and peaceful, emanating warmth and joy like the rays of a sun. “At one time I thought it was commendable to work hard and receive rewards for my labor. Now I just want to rest in you Lord and gaze into your beautiful face.” I thought about the places around the throne where I heard people could rest and bask in His presence, soaking Him into themselves. “I so want to do that Lord.”

“I will take you and lead you into my presence. I am here in your heart, abiding in you as you are abiding in me. I am listening to the beating of your heart for me. It is holy unto me, the beating of your heart. It is a holy sound. Rest. Continue to rest and you will see me, dancing in your heart. The joy will come as we dance. See me dancing in your heart and it will lift your spirit higher into me. If you keep feeding on my Word you will see me for real. See me with you, for I am. I am in you. I am for you.” “I love you Lord.” I said, unable to contain my deep love for Him. It was bubbling out of me like a fountain. “I know. My Spirit is so full of joy that you love me. I am full of joy at your love for me.” “I love you so Jesus. I don’t ever want to stop gazing into your face. Thank you for letting me touch your heart. Please share the secrets of your heart with me so that I may understand and know you more.” I sighed deeply, stopping in front of Him and leaning my forehead against His chest. “Receive the secret of my breath.” He replied, breathing out in my direction. My hands softly caressed His robes and His chest as I breathed in deeply. “Let me smell your fragrance Jesus.” I pleaded.

“Soon you will always be smelling my fragrance as you will continually be in my presence. As you have longed to continually be in my presence so I will continually be in yours. I will answer your desire. Come to me and rest. I am holding you in my arms and singing over your heart.” “I don’t want to leave.” I cried as I felt this time coming to a close. “I am always in your heart.” He assured me sweetly.

As I thought about this vision, I can’t help expressing my joy to Him, “Wow Jesus! You really blew me away today! Thank you for all your beautiful words, the dancing and the skating!”

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