Dance of Intimacy of the Heart

It had been a while since I felt His presence. I encouraged myself by remembering the words He told me, “I remove the feeling of my presence to increase your desire.”

This morning I sat on my bed, reading the Word of God. As I caressed the pages of my Bible I saw my hands caressing the robes on His chest. “I’m here.” I heard Him say as I saw His face looking at me. “O Jesus!” I exclaimed with joy! “Oh how I missed you!” I felt such warmth coming through His chest as I tenderly caressed His robes. His heart lit up like coals of fire in bright orange, yellow and white colors and His whole chest was hot to my touch! “O Jesus!” I sighed, gazing into His eyes. “Thank you so much for coming to see me today! Oh how I missed you!” Tears flowed as I cried on my bed. ”Your heart touches my heart.” He replied. “I love it when you touch my heart.”

I decided I am writing down everything I hear Him say to me as I hear Him say it since I can’t seem to remember everything. When I reread my writings, I realize that my favorite thing is His words to me so I want to record them all.

I was listening to worship music and thanking Him for letting me hear such beautiful songs. He said to me, “I bring you these songs because I want you to experience me on a deeper level.” “O Jesus, I love you so much!” More tears flowed. “I know that you love me.” He reassured me softly. ”That’s why I’m here.” His face was so soft and gentle, so peaceful and full of joy. “Jesus you are like the sun! You make me feel so good, so alive, so full of life!” “I am come to lighten your life and give you joy.” He declared. “Rest now and enjoy me. Enjoy my love for you. Let us celebrate our love together. Dance with me.” He led me in a gentle waltz. “O Jesus!” I sighed, “You are so graceful and elegant. I have never met anyone as wonderful as you in my life!” We twirled and flowed in delicate upward and downward motions, our white robes following the movements softly like gentle waves.

“Thank you so much for coming.“ I said to Him again. I was so grateful to feel Him again. “I missed you so much!” He looked at me with so much love in His eyes. “I want to be with you.” He responded. “That’s why I’m here – because you want me to be with you.” He slowed down and looked at me intently. “I am in you now. I am living in your heart. I am in you, with you. Believe me. I am in your heart.” I marveled at His beautiful words to me. ”You have a place in my heart.” He continued. “I am yours forever. My love for you is eternal and passionate. You are mine. I have your heart. Your heart is in my heart. I am yours and eternally yours as you are eternally mine. Come. Dance with me. Dance in my heart as I dance in yours. I am in your heart. I am always with you. I will never leave you or forsake you. You will never be alone again, ever. You don’t ever need to feel alone again. Forever and ever with me you will be.” His voice trailed softly in the last few words, like He was singing me a beautiful lullaby. “O breathe in me Lord!” I pleaded, moving my mouth close to His and breathing in deeply. I felt His life and breath enter me and move through me. It was so pleasurable, like experiencing Him in a deeper way. He looked at me lovingly.  “I am your spouse and you are mine. In love forever, in love, my love. You are my beautiful one, my spouse. Come and enjoy me forever. Enjoy my love. Enjoy me. I will teach you how to dance – with me – in my arms, holding you tenderly in my embrace, forever in joy, peace and love.”

We danced once again. His glorious majesty emanated like the strongest sun rays from His being. “You are the king of my heart!” I sighed, gazing at His radiant face. “I am coming sooner than you think.” He smiled. “I can’t wait!” I replied, giggling with joy and smiling sweetly, completely enraptured by His beautiful face. “Take me deeper.” I pleaded. “I’m going to.” He answered, kissing me softly on the forehead. “Do you trust me?” He asked. I was going to say yes but I didn’t want to sound presumptuous so I replied, “I hope so Lord. Only you know. Do I trust you?” I asked Him. “Yes.” He responded. “Thank you.” I answered, knowing that I could not trust Him unless He empowered me to by His grace. “Your welcome.” He replied.

The scene changed and we were skating on an outside frozen pond in ice skating outfits. He wore a beautiful white one piece with silver designs and various white and clear gemstones. I felt I was wearing a white skating dress but I didn’t look at myself because my eyes were riveted on Him. He was indescribably elegant and radiant. His mastery of grace and form was unlike any I have ever seen on the earth. It was like He was caressing the air, the frozen water, me and all of creation as He flowed effortlessly in beautiful turns and jumps through the air. It was so much fun skating with Him. He moved me around the ice like I was a professional skater – my being was simply responding to the inaudible command of His will and His presence. We did all kinds of turns and jumps together. I laughed, smiled and giggled throughout because I was so filled with joy. At one point, He held onto my lower back while spinning me around Him, my feet resting on His skates. I leaned back and extended my arms as they flowed effortlessly through the air. Then He lifted me up to Himself, holding me firmly in His arms while continuing to spin us, gradually slowing down. “I love the way you melt in my arms.” He spoke tenderly, pressing me close to Himself. The scene faded as I heard Him whisper softly in my ear, “I missed you too.”

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