Dance Is All About the Heart

“I have you where I want you – in my arms, meek and humble, knowing that you are nothing without me. Come into my arms and receive of me. I long to pour myself into you. Receive my love.”

“Come to me my bride. Come dance.” He directed. “I love you Lord.” “I know you do. That’s why I’m here. Come to me. Open yourself up to me. I love you. Feel me. Receive me. I am here for you. Come. The shaking is necessary. Everything that can be shaken must fall off the tree. Come. Come to me. Come out of the darkness into the light.” He instructed, positioning His arms to lead me in a waltz. His white robes had a two inch stripe going down each side that seemed to have patterns of flowers in vibrant bright colors. ”Dancing is all about the heart. Dancing begins here in the heart.” He said pointing to His heart. “Let me teach you to dance in your heart.” ”I love you so much.” I responded, hugging Him tightly. He kissed my forehead. “Come. Dance with me. Dancing with you brings me joy.” He smiled. “Romance me Jesus.”  I sighed.

He kissed me and swirled me around Himself. I laughed. When I did so, a wall opened up and we danced out into a sunny courtyard along a paved walk way that was on top of a hill. “I’m preparing you for heaven. I’m preparing you for myself.” We continued to dance along the path that went in a circle on the side of the hill. He spun my body around in the air as I held Him around the neck. “Please take me to heaven Lord. I so want to go. Help me to see what you see. Help me to see how you see. If this is a dream I don’t want to wake up.”

A grand ballroom appeared with many people dancing, dressed in ballroom attire. When we waltzed into the ballroom, He kissed me. He stood amidst many other beings, dressed in golden layers of regal kingly robes. I bowed before Him wearing a beautiful white sparkling puffy dress. “My pearl of great price!” He said, lifting me up. The beings took off the thick top robe from Him at His leading and we danced. “The most beautiful man in the universe!” I said in my mind. “And I have His heart! Wow!” We kissed.

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