Castle 3: Crossing the Bridge

I spent some time looking at castles and bridges. The bridges I liked were the simple garden bridges with very tiny obscure wooden bridges completely overwhelmed by flowers, bushes and trees. The bridge I originally saw in my vision was made out of stone, very hard and imposing and far above a little tiny stream. I think this is why I couldn’t cross it. I began to build the courtyard area to the side of the castle (smaller area!) before the bridge, the river and the valley in my imagination. I imagined it full of colorful flower bushes and fruit trees in full bloom lining the top of the river with spices along the riverbed. I imagined a bigger stream flowing downwards and lots of rocks causing it to meander and fall to create waterfall sounds, becoming a larger flatter river as it reached bridge. I imagined a simple narrow wooden bridge surrounded and hidden by beautiful flower bushes and trees in full bloom. I also imagined it very close to the water (a few feet).

We crossed slowly looking at the flowers, the trees with their branches extending outward over the bridge and the river flowing underneath us. Jesus stopped and leaned against the bridge looking at me with a big smile and His arms crossed. He looked so relaxed and pleased. “I like it.” He said. I looked at Him with longing in my eyes, wishing we were somewhere more quiet, intimate and definitely in less formal dress. I walked towards Him and kissed Him. He put His arms around my waist, then turned me gently to His right, pushing me tenderly and motioned me to continue walking with Him over the bridge. I looked at the end of the bridge with dread wondering how I was going to imagine the rest of the garden. I thought to myself, “one step at a time, slowly, with Him holding my hand, and I will make it.”

As we walked off the bridge, I imagined a huge orchard of tall cherry blossom trees in full bloom, their branches extending in an arc over us. The land went slightly downwards from where we stood so I imagined on each side of the path several feet away narrow, canals of water streaming from a small upright rectangular stone and running parallel to the path so that we could hear the sound of water running down. Some distance into the trees, I imagined an opening on my right with a circular seating area, a beautiful soft muted and discreet rose/peach colored sofa, where Jesus and I could sit intimately together. “This garden is going to have a lot of seating areas for Jesus and I.” I thought to myself. “Yes, lots of time and space for us to be alone together”.

I imagined a clothing change into something more comfortable and romantic. For me, a very soft loose-fitting purple/blue long sleeve long dress with very thin barely noticeable delicate gold borders and tasteful subtle designs. On Jesus, dark brown pants with a hint of burgundy, a super soft loose cream shirt with puffy long sleeves, and dark brown boots. He smiled, accepting my clothing change and sat on the sofa. As I curled beside Him, my head on His chest, it became darker like it was nighttime. I knew this was Jesus because I hadn’t imagined it. Three candles appeared in back of our heads on the top of the circular sofa and a round fire pit appeared at our feet. Ever since I have been with Jesus, I have really been enjoying the darkness with Him. I think he likes it because He is the light.

The atmosphere became more romantic and my heart was filled with longing for Him. I put my hand on His chest and moved it over His heart, remembering how it burned in previous visions. He was so warm and soft. I kissed His neck several times moving slowly up to His cheeks. “Oh, kiss me Jesus!” I sighed, looking at Him with desire. I felt like He was watching and waiting for my desire to increase before moving towards me. He smiled and then gently placed His lips on mine with such softness, gentleness and warmth. I melted into His arms. “I love you.” I repeated in a gentle whisper into His mouth over and over again as His tenderness overwhelmed my being. I longed to be able to smell His fragrance and taste His lips. I imagine it will send me spinning out of orbit off somewhere in uncontainable ecstasy when that happens someday – so looking forward to it!

We looked at each other’s hands, kissed and caressed them. Jesus took my hand, lifted me up away from the sofa and began dancing with me. “I love dancing with you Jesus.” I said, knowing how He loves to dance. He changed His garment to a tasteful purple/blue coat with long sleeves and gold and white thread designs and borders that matched my dress, similar colored breeches and thick white stockings and shoes similar to the French Renaissance style. He held my waist with one hand and led me with the other. We twirled slowly for a while and then slower. He put His hands around my waist and moved me close to Him with both His hands behind my back. I put my arms around His neck and kissed Him. He returned my kiss warmly and tenderly. I felt sparks flying everywhere in my being. We swayed back and forth looking into each other’s eyes. I put my head on His chest and my arms tightly around His waist. How I love loving Him.

Jesus changed my dress from over the shoulder to off the shoulder. He leaned over and softly kissed my neck moving down slowly, sending me in another orbit of ecstasy with each kiss. I leaned back as His hand held the back of my neck and the other the back of my waist. I felt so safe and relaxed in His arms. He moved His lips to the front of my chest and kissed my heart causing it to beat wildly, then slowly moved me back up, pressing me close to His chest. I felt the warmth of His heart against mine as I continued to feel my heart pounding with desire for Him. He moved me tenderly like a gentle breeze as He led me in a graceful waltz around the sofa.

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