Castle 2: Preparing to Cross the Bridge

I started again where this vision left off, feeling ready to discover the gardens, and got up off the sofa bed. As Jesus got up too, I took a closer look at His garments. He was all in white and had on a beautifully tailored white coat jacket that went down to the middle of His thigh. It was made of very thick dense material. The lapel of the coat went around His neck continuing straight down in a rounded pillowed border ending with a pointed tip where a couple of big white buttons were at His lower mid waist. He had a thick white long sleeve shirt underneath with a high collar. He wore what looked like very long high white boots on and Venetian breeches or what’s called an onion trunk hose with slashes and panels (had to look it up!), similar in dress to a royal French Renaissance King of the 16th century. A golden scarf with intricate designs and hints of darker shades of blue and green went over His right shoulder only, extending over the upper back and front portion of His chest. It was the most stunning scarf I have ever seen (although I don’t know if it was a scarf – it could have been a mantle of some sort).

I was all in white too wearing a long white dress made of the same thick material as His, with long narrow sleeves that fitted the form of my arms and tiny lace borders at the end of the sleeves. It had a high collar going up around the back and sides of my neck. A lace design made of a beautiful white thread went around my neck.

There was another white fabric that went across the front of my chest in narrow up and down folds forming a diamond shape across my chest (and a V-shape at the bottom of my waist) with 2 small pearl white buttons in the center about 2 inches vertically apart. At the top, in the center of my collar bone was a larger round white object that was either a puff of material, a scarf or a flower, I don’t know. The bottom of the dress was super straight all the way down but extended gradually outwards as it reached the bottom (like an upside-down cone). All in all, it was a very stiff dress, similar in stiffness to what Jesus was wearing. It felt so formal that I didn’t feel particularly comfortable in it.

We prepared to walk across the bridge. There was a river valley between the castle and the gardens on the portion of land where we were standing.

I thought about the difficulty I was having moving the vision forward in my head yesterday. I think there are two main factors. One is there is more movement and changing scenery now which is why my mind is getting tired. We are not staying in the same place and the scenery is getting more complicated. Two, I think in this particular vision, Jesus is wanting me to begin imagining/creating the details in the vision myself so that I can practice using my imagination and insert my tastes with His. This is somewhat tiring and awkward as I have never done this before.

I looked at Jesus as we prepared to cross what I saw as the framework of the bridge and the river valley. It was like He wanted me to imagine what I wanted it to look like and create it with my imagination. I tried but I was having difficulty. I kept seeing the water the same way I see it on earth and kept trying to imagine it as crystal clear like it is in heaven, but it wasn’t working. I imagined seeing the valley teaming with flowers, plants and rocks and the bridge lined with fountains and trees, but I was getting bogged down with details in style, color and type. I looked at Jesus. “Why can’t I imagine the water like it is in heaven?” I asked. “Because this is not heaven.” He replied, “This is your imagination.” He was looking at me patiently waiting for me to move forward and cross the bridge. I got frustrated with myself and ended the vision.

Later in the day I entered the vision again. Jesus was still waiting. I broke in tears and kneeled at His feet asking Him for help because I didn’t know how to move forward in the vision.

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