Castle 1: Horse Ride to the Castle

As I looked through the portal, I could see the two horses in the fields surrounded by trees again. Jesus was standing in the portal and motioned me to come through. He impressed upon my mind that we would be going for a ride. I felt like he was excited to take me to a special place that he had prepared for me. We galloped across the field as the horses began running on the path through the trees. This time we went to the right at the end of the path. It began to turn into a mountain pass. We travelled across a huge mountain way up high. Below us was a deep valley with a river running through it and mountains and valleys as far as the eye could see. It was glorious. The horses continued running. I was amazed that instead of getting tired they seemed to be more and more invigorated and energized as they ran. They continued along the path that began sloping down the mountain. When they had reached the bottom, the horses turned to the left and ran up the river which was shallow at this point. We continued until the forest became denser. I wondered why we had to travel such a long distance and why there wasn’t a portal right where Jesus was taking me. We continued for a long time. The horses and Jesus seemed to be getting more and more excited as we galloped closer and closer to our destination.

We came to a clearing and stopped. The view was breathtaking. The land sloped downwards from where we were and in the distance was a huge castle with spirals and towers going upwards into the sky. It reminded me of the Disney castle. I know that sounds corny and makes it sound like it’s just a creation of my childhood fantasies or imaginations. Maybe. I think this is why I was fighting the vision. I’m not sure I know what my ideal castle looks like. Maybe it’s the Disney castle or maybe the Disney castle is a reflection of the Lord’s castle. It felt like a dream come true as I gazed at its height and beauty. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe the height, and breadth and depth of this castle and its glorious grounds. A path below us led to it and a beautiful serene lake was in front of it. Behind the castle I could see huge expanses of gardens. “Our palace.” Jesus declared as he motioned His horse to continue running towards it. I followed, my heart beating wildly with excitement, joy and anticipation at the beautiful things and experiences with the Lord I was going to have there.

We circled around the lake for a long while and then entered through huge gates into a circular courtyard with a high circular tiered fountain full of designs which I didn’t take time to look at in detail. There were flowers and plants all around the bottom walls of the castle and a door leading into another long courtyard leading to the gardens. Thick vines and flowers covered these walls. As we dismounted, the horses flew above the door and walls into the gardens behind it. Jesus looked towards it and back at me to see if I wanted to follow them. I asked the Lord if we could please sit on the bench in the courtyard as I was tired and wanted to rest. This was especially overwhelming for my mind and I felt like I needed to collect my thoughts as well. We sat on the bench and I curled up to Him soaking in His energy and His peace. I also tried to see more of the courtyard and get my bearings. I can’t explain it but, in these visions, sometimes it’s like I have to stop, focus and locate myself. I feel like my mind is splitting and going off in different directions and the image starts to break up or go in loops like something is not right. It’s like I have to relax and put myself at peace or I cannot proceed with the vision or see things in the vision or even see it correctly. I guess I’m learning to see.

I felt so at peace with Him. I knew I would be able to sit here as long as I wanted until I was ready. He would not try to hurry me up or get me to go anywhere. It is the most amazing feeling just being with Him in a place He has wanted to take me. I was trying to grasp the enormous beauty and generosity of this gesture and His great kindness and compassion towards me.

When I was ready, Jesus asked if I would like to see the palace or the gardens first. “The gardens.” I answered. We went through the door, the longer courtyard and paused at the end of it. From there we could see the gardens stretching as far as the eye could see. “Wow!” I said inside myself. We continued along the path when I had taken it all in. To the left of us was a white tent with a huge bed sofa. The back padding of it had royal looking gold design borders that looked like crown motifs. The material was white with gold royal thread designs of what looked like royal motifs of some kind. Jesus knew I wanted to sit with Him on this sofa by the expression on my face and sat on it first. I followed. As we sat upright on it there were many feet to the end of it and all around us. Our garments changed the moment we touched the bed into royal white and gold robes with crowns on our head. We were able to see the vast expanse of the gardens from where we sat. This royal sofa bed was very high up from the ground and very soft and comfortable.

For the first time in this whole vision I felt well in my spirit, truly at home and at peace with the Lord. For some reason the journey hadn’t sat well with me and by the time we reached the courtyard I almost felt nauseous. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because I was fighting it. I had liked the previous vision so much I wanted to go back to it, and it was causing me not to enjoy this vision as much as I should have. At the beginning of the vision I had put a thought in my mind that I just wanted to relax and think about the last vision and experience it again in my mind before moving on to this new one because I liked it so much. It was my favorite vision so far. But I felt Jesus pulling me to come with Him and move forward on into this one. I was resisting a little but gave in. As I am not experienced in visions yet, I’m thinking this might be why I was struggling so much with this one and was so tired. Or it may be that I am not used to a lot of movement and other things going on.

When I first started trying to “see” Him, I would imagine myself sitting still at Jesus’ feet looking into His face as He was sitting still. I would observe everything He was wearing, the expressions on His face, and what He said to me. Then I began trying to feel His clothes, holding His hands and laying my head in His lap. Then we stood face to face, then walked side by side to different scenes, just the two of us alone together in small areas. These big expanses and all this action are new for me. Maybe it’s a combination of all of these.

I curled up to Him, leaning my head against His chest, soaking in His love for me and loving Him back. I knew we could stay here as long as I wanted. That thought made me so happy. I just wanted to be near Him. I am most happy when we are alone together. I felt tired at this point and stopped the vision to go to sleep. If it is of the Lord, I will be able to return. In any case, there is so much to see and do here, it will take many, many visions if this is really of Him.

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