Abiding In My Imagination

I have been imagining myself walking with Jesus, our arms around each other, leaning my head on His chest and we are both smiling and talking as we walk. I think of that verse in Song of Songs 8:5, “Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?” I know why she is leaning into Him. She is deliriously in love.

As I make a point of trying to visualize Him more in my everyday life, I find that I am feeling and seeing Him more. Like the more I invite Him into my life, the more He comes. It sounds so simple and yet it seems so difficult for us to practice! I am determined to continue inviting Him into my life as I open my heart and mind, my whole being, to Him continually.

“I want you to live in me fully Lord, completely. I want to be wholly yours. Please come.” I asked.

“I am here, in you, continually. Learn to feel my presence; my Spirit moving within you upon the face of the deep, upon your waters. The light that you seek will come. The sun will rise in your heart and it will no longer be night time in you, but the day. You will experience my glory like the sun shining in your being and you will be transformed wholly into my image. Do you believe this? Then practice. Continue practicing my presence. This is called abiding. When you abide in my love you transform into my love! This is my will for you. This is my desire. Be my love! See yourself as my love! See yourself as passionately loved by me – for you are! Live in this love and meditate on it as often as you can. It will draw you to me, closer and closer into my arms, and we will be one.” “I love you Lord!” “I know!”

I have been thinking about how in the Bible the Lord is angry because the people are using their imagination to go after the evil that is in their hearts. I am realizing that God wants us to use our imagination to access Him, to connect with Him. He wants us to open the door of our hearts to Him in loving worship, embracing Him with all our strength, so that He can open the door to His heart and we can be with Him where He is. Then through the imagination of our hearts we can connect with the imaginations of His heart so that He can take us to the places where He wants us to be with Him and we can be one.

When we circumcise our hearts, we cut off the flesh, the world and the devil in one swoop and give God an open door to literally come into us. He plants the seeds of His Word that flow into our hearts by His Spirit. When these seeds of His Word grow in the precious living waters of the Holy Spirit and the fertile soil of our hearts, they become a tree of life to us. “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12. He is the desire that comes to our hearts and when He comes to us in this way, by His Word and His Spirit entering our circumcised hearts, He becomes a tree of life to us.

He wants us to be “in love”, deeply in love with Him. The deeper we love Him, the deeper, easier and quicker He can plant the seeds of His Word and the water of His Spirit in us and work in us. His deepest work involves knowing us intimately where He “sees” us deeply as we completely unveil ourselves to Him. His eyes search all our inward parts. He shines the light of His holiness in every part of our being, cleansing, purifying and sanctifying us so He can eventually rest and dwell in us in all fullness and we can be one.

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