A Tender Waltz

I read the Bible for a long while, hoping He would come to me today in my imagination. I held out my hands and called out to Him in my mind. After a while, I started to cry out to Him from the depths of my spirit, arms wide open in deep searchings, yearnings and longings for Him from my heart. Then I saw Him stand in front of me with His hands in mine. “I just wanted to see how much you wanted me.” He said with a huge smile. “Please make me holy.” I pleaded. “I want to be wholly yours – beautiful, so that you would desire me.” He lifted me up from where I sat and led me gently in a waltz. “I love you.” I sighed, gazing into His beautiful face. “I know.” He replied with the softest smile. His face was so full of love, peace and joy. “I love spending time with you. It’s my favorite part of the day.” I informed Him. He bent me over in His arms just above His knees. I broke out in a smile and laughed. “I love to see you smile. It brings me joy. You are my joy. Dance with me now.” He twirled me softly around the room.

We were on the dance floor of a small banquet hall. Vines grew up sandy dark yellow walls, embedded with dark brown wood cut logs. White tables and chairs lined the black and white tile dance floor. “Jesus you’re dancing with me!” I exclaimed, “You’re really dancing with me!” I was so overjoyed that I was really living, feeling and breathing this in my imagination. It seemed like such a long time since we danced. “You know how much I love dancing with you.” “I do.” He answered. “I can feel it in your being. I can feel your desire for me.” “Don’t let this end Lord. I want to dance with you more. Don’t leave.” I caressed both sides of my open Bible. When I did this I saw myself caressing His arms. He held me in a moment of deep stillness between us. My heart raced while I gazed into His eyes filled with such passion, love and desire. He bent over and kissed me. “I missed you so much!” I sighed as we embraced. Then I put my head on His chest and hugged Him. “I love you. How I want you to live in my heart fully!”

My white robes changed into a sparkling white fluffy gown while His white robes changed into the beautiful attire of a prince right out of a fairy tale: dark brown pants, brown boots, a black velvet coat with embroidered gold borders and buttons, a glistening black vest with intricate designs and a white shirt underneath with all the frills. He was stunning! His hair was done really fancy and combed back in a ponytail. The small banquet hall changed into a huge dance hall with golden marble floors, walls and ceilings bordered with gold designs. Massive windows, chandeliers and mirrors adorned the walls and ceilings. “You’re so beautiful” I gasped as I looked at Him beaming. “You turn me on!” My whole being burned with desire for Him! He wrapped His arms around me and embraced me. “I don’t want this to end.” I confessed to Him in my mind. “In me there is no end.” He assured me.

He brought my hand up close to His chest with one arm and twirled me gently around Him with the other. I felt myself melting in His love as I slowly floated off the floor into His arms while He turned me. I felt His pleasure as I surrendered fully to Him. He kissed me softly while we rose off the floor. Little stars of shining lights appeared twirling around us. Then we descended and He twirled me around Himself. I smiled and laughed. “I love you so much Jesus!”

“Touch your Bible with your hands.” He instructed. I touched my Bible with my physical hands. “I can feel that.” He whispered with a smile. I saw myself putting both my hands on both sides of His chest and caress Him softly. His shirt opened up. I felt in my spirit that He was showing Himself open and vulnerable to me at that moment. I kissed His heart lovingly. Then His shirt closed up and we continued to dance.

As we twirled, our torsos touched. We held each other with one hand around the waist while the other extended outwards, moving like a whirlwind. He wrapped His arms around me and held me tightly. I placed my hands around His waist as He spun us softly and quickly round and round, fixing my eyes on His. Our faces neared and our embrace tightened as He spun us faster until our lips touched in a passionate kiss. Then He released the speed and pressure slightly. I felt like a flower blooming in His arms as He slowed us down to a softer waltz and continued to turn me around in the dance. Flower petals floated all around us. I felt so light as He released me and I spun through the air.

Later as I sat down to be with Him. “Jesus take me deeper into your heart.” I asked, grateful that He has allowed me to see and experience Him. “Thank you so much for letting me touch your heart.” I whispered. “Come.” He responded, holding my hands and spinning us in a waltz going up and up into the sky. When we reached the clouds, He landed on one and leaned me over the edge of it, bent His head down and kissed me as I hung there completely limp in His arms. It was so romantic! We continued to dance through the clouds as He spun me in a waltz. He loves spinning!

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