Touching Palms

I thought about how I haven’t been very good about fasting. “I’m not really good at anything.” I thought to myself. “But I want to be good at loving you.” I declared to the Lord. “You are.” He answered. I felt Him rushing powerfully into me in a giant hug when He said this. His face was right in my face. I read Ezekiel 31. “I don’t understand Lord. Give me understanding.” I asked. “Then kiss me.” He replied. I caressed his hand and brought it to my lips. “Thank you for being so real to me.” We sat on a large bed in a large room. When I saw how much space we had on the bed. I went up on my knees, put my arms around Him and fell on the bed with Him in my arms. We laughed and rolled around together. I lay my head on his shoulder. “I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to be with you. I thought about how I am His desire and He is mine, lifting my hand up in the air. He joined His hand with mine – my body tremored when our palms touched and He crossed His fingers over mine. “Thank you for teaching me how to love you. I want to look into your face forever.” I sighed, looking up into His beautiful face. I caressed my Bible and thought about how He can feel this. “How can this be?” I wondered. “Because these words have entered into you and you have entered into my Words. They are alive. My real Word, my true Word is a living Word. I am alive. I am the Word.” He answered me.

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