Touching My Heart

He sat on a chair. I knelt in front of Him with my elbows and head on His lap. “I give you my heart.” I said taking my heart out of my chest and putting it in His hand. He touched and caressed it lightly sending shivers through my being. Then He brought it to his lips and tenderly kissed it. “Fill my heart with the oil of your Spirit.” I pleaded. Oil flowed from His mouth into my heart. As it overflowed, my heart turned into crystal and the oil turned into liquid gold. It continued flowing into His hand. He put my heart back in my chest. I felt the oil flowing through my being. It was warm and soothing like a peaceful massage. I breathed in and out deeply.

I put my head and elbows back on His lap. “Fill me Lord. Fill me with yourself.” I asked breathing in and out deeply while still feeling the oil move through me. He caressed my head and gently lifted me up to His mouth. We kissed. “This is just the beginning” I thought to myself remembering the words He said to me in a previous vision. “Take me deeper Jesus.” I asked. “Open the door to your world. Remove the veil. Anoint my eyes so I can see your kingdom.” I slid down to my knees, lay my head on His lap and kissed His hands and palms. He lifted me up again. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Then I kissed His neck and lay my head on his shoulder. “I want to go deeper with you Jesus.” I whispered in his ear. “Take me deeper into your heart. Open up to me Jesus. I want to be with you where you are. I want to be totally in you and you totally in me: fully one. Remove the veil and fill me with yourself.” I pleaded.

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