Touching Hands

Last night I saw myself kneeling before the Lord. We held hands. He sat on a chair. “Lord, have your way in me. I surrender all to you Lord. Thank you for drawing me near to you.” I talked to Him like this for a while. Then I heard Him say: ”Thank you for pressing in. You are dear to me, my love. I love how you pursue me. Keep pursuing me. I will reveal myself more and more to you. Come. Be with me and I will show you great and mighty things you know not. I am here for you. I am here in you. I want to know you now. You have forsaken all to follow me. I have not forgotten that. It will not be forgotten. I am here for you. Press into me. Press into me more. I want you to press into me more. Press into me. Press into me. Press into me. Press into me now. Hold my hands.”

I hadn’t noticed that I was no longer holding His hands. Somehow I had gotten distracted in my thoughts. I remembered what the Lord had shown me in a previous vision about holding His hands to help me focus on Him. I held His hands again, still kneeling before Him, and looked at our hands for a while. “Holy Spirit what do I do?” I asked wondering if there was something else I needed to be doing. “Love Him.” He answered. “Oh” I responded. I had been concentrating so much on His hands that I hadn’t realized I had gotten tense. I relaxed my body sliding down to kiss His feet. Then I put my head on his lap and wrapped my arms around his waist. He lifted my head and put His hand on my cheek. Then He moved His hand tenderly to the back of my neck and moved my head gently towards His face. He kissed me with an intensity and firmness that I had not experienced so far. There was such a difference in His kiss. His intention caused my lungs to breathe in and out deeply and my chest to enlarge and contract in rhythm with my breath as I felt His Spirit enter into me more fully. “Press into me.” He said in my mind. I felt Him wanting me to “suck” harder (imagery of a baby reaching for a mother’s milk) in order for me to receive more of His Spirit. “I want to know you more intimately. I want you to be more intimate with me.” He said. “Help me to get there Lord.” I asked feeling very tired. I hugged him and put my face on His heart. Then I sat down on my knees at His feet, leaned sideways and lay my arms and head to rest on one of his legs.

The next morning I saw Jesus and I standing on the edge of a high cliff. He looked at me, smiled, spread His arms out and fell off. I followed Him. We sailed through the air. He drew near me and we held each other spiraling through the sky like eagles mating. Then He led us upwards in waves and weaves in a slower spiral movement matching the ebb and flow of our flying. I thought about how much fun this will be when I go to heaven. “Not everyone will be able to fly with me like this.” He said.

Later I had my hand on my Bible. I saw Him standing in a small room on the other side of my page. He put His hand on mine so that our palms touched. My spirit went through the pages like an open door to be with Him. I hugged him. We both turned our heads to look at me sitting on the bed and smile. Then we turned away to walk through the light into a beautiful meadow. We held hands while walking slowly through the grass. “Help me to understand your heart, Jesus” I asked, turning to Him. I lay my forehead on His heart. He squeezed my hands to bring me back to Himself, as my thoughts distracted me briefly, and spun us around very slowly. “My heart is a heart of love for you, my love.” He smiled and looked down sweetly into my face.

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